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    Princess of the Fire Kingdom.

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    Flame Princess is a fire elemental and royalty within the Fire Kingdom, she is described as evil by her father Flame King and was locked in a lantern for much of her life. When Flame Princess was born she was too powerful and chaotic, and despite her innocence her father was fearful of her potential so ordered she be removed from his kingdom and left in the wilds of a forest to survive on her own. Flame Princess would be playful and naive but her power over fire and combustion would prove devastating and she would burn much of the forest around her by accident and accidentally bring misfortune to those that would wish to help the distressed young baby. Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom would learn of this child and seek her out. Finding her she would take Flame Princess back to the Fire Kingdom and inform the Flame King of his 'lost' daughter. Flame King would try to deny ownership of the child, leading Bubblegum to be more discerning.

    A compromise of sorts would lead to Flame Princess being imprisoned in lantern in order to limit her danger and keep her her under Flame King's control. Flame Princess eventually gets to meet and befriend Finn the Human. Flame Princess slowly builds a relationship with Finn the Human, who she thinks is a water elemental due to the tears he cried when they first met.


    Flame Princess is a character first introduced in the Cartoon Network animated cartoon television show Adventure Time. Adventure Time is created primarily by Pendleton Ward and first aired in 2010. Flame Princess first appears in the third season of the show in the episode Incendium airing on February 13, 2012. Flame Princess has gone on to become a major supporting character and reoccurring character within the franchise, including eventually appearing in the Adventure Time comics published by Boom! Studios.

    Flame Princess would first appear in the issue Adventure Time #3 written by Ryan North and Braden Lamb, but it would be a minor cameo appearance. Later on however she would go on to star in an original graphic novel Adventure Time Playing With Fire written by Danielle Corsetto with art by Zack Sterling. Flame Princess is voiced by Jessica DiCicco in the animated show.

    Character Evolution

    Despite not appearing until the third season of the hit and popular television show Adventure Time, Flame Princess has become a very important character transitioning from supporting character to frequently utilized main character. Where as Princess Bubblegum was main character Finn's unrequited crush, incompatible for Bubblegum's age difference, Flame Princess was introduced as a character with a roughly human physiology and around the same age of Finn.

    Over time more and more of Flame Princess life and history were uncovered, revealing much tragedy and sadness, the character having been imprisoned and isolated for most of her life. As a consequence Flame Princess has a very volatile emotional nature, and is a bit naive and unfamiliar with the greater world. Flame Princess is easy to be offended and hurt, but very passionate and distinctively kind contrasted against her father the Flame King who constantly tries to stoke the evil he believes is inside her, often trying to manipulate her into embracing evil and destruction.

    Major Story Arcs


    Flame Princesses first encounter with Finn and Jake.

    Playing with Fire

    Flame Princess goes on an adventure with Finn and Jake.

    Powers and Abilities

    Flame Princess is a fire elemental and a very powerful elemental at that. She is humanoid in appearance but she consists of and generates a constant output of flame and fire which also shapes her appearance. Flame Princess possesses the ability to accentuate and generate flames from her person at will, thus capable of flame bursts and fireballs and various other traditional pyrotechnic abilities and effects. As well as generating flame Flame Princess can extinguish flame as well.

    Flame Princess is capable of size manipulation using fire growing in stature, although she will usually take on a more base and fiery appearance. Flame Princess can generate and mold fire into various constructs, such as creating a flame sword. Flame Princess can send streams of flame, fire bolts and a flamethrower like extension of fire. Flame Princess is capable of levitation.

    Flame Princess is said to be extremely powerful but that tapping into that part of her requires her instability which in turn would be very dangerous and something that is to be avoided. Flame Princess has a weakness to water and cold in sufficient dosages, enough to douse her, and in this state she can become lethargic and weak. She can also experience physical pain this way.

    Other Media


    Adventure Time (2010)

    Flame Princess first appearance and primary source material.


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