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    Character » Flame Girl appears in 33 issues.

    Flame Girl was a non superpowered sidekick of the Flame. Later on the Flame tought everything he knew to his sidekick. The character is in the public domain.

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    Linda Dale worked for Gary Preston also known as the Flame.  It was her work with Gary that put her in many heroic situations.  She met the Flame and later decided to become his sidekick, donning a costume that was very similar to the Flame's.  At first Gary was against her becomming the Flame Girl but, slowly the Flame taught Flame Girl the secrets of fire control. Later learning everything she could from the Flame, Flame Girl received her own hand held flame thrower.

    Character Evolution


    It was in Fox comics that Linda Dale became Flame Girl.

    Project Superpowers

     While fighting in WWII the very mislead Fighting Yank trapped Flame Girl  and the Flame along with the other Superpowers members in the Urn of Pandora.  After 60 years the American Spirit appeared to the Fighting Yank and told him to free all of the heroes trapped in the Urn. With the help of the Green Lama, the Fighting Yank freed the heroes from the Urn by shattering it.
    When they were released many were scattered to different countries, and they were able to gather each other. Unfortunately Flame Girl was captured by  Captain Future who took all of her power and subsequently killed her.


    Flame Girl has the exact same powers as the Flame, Prometheus fire control, a hand held flame thrower, and heat generation. She can also teleport through any size of fire and burst into flames making bullets melt before they hit her. Flame Girl also displays a high amount of agility, stealth and stamina that come in very good use in tight situations.

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