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    Born with a American flag shape birthmark, an orphan discovers he has been endowed by the spirits of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with super strength and speed of the wind, Jim Courtney becomes the patriotic superhero The Flag.

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    Ace Magazine

    When crippled war veteran and flag-maker, John Courtney, finds a baby boy on his doorstep, he cannot help but notice his American flag birthmark. Realizing the child is something special, he names him Jim and raises him as his own son.

    Dynamite Entertainment

    Project: Superpowers/Black Terror

    The Flag is seen alongside a team of patriotic super-heroes consisting of American Eagle, The Super-American, Man of War, and The Liberator. Together called The Patriots, who protect President Gene West from Black Terror's assault.

    Powers and abilities

    As young Jim grows, he discovers that his uniqueness consists of possessing the "speed of the wind and the strength of 100 men." When The Flag runs, he leaves a red, white and blue flag waving contrail in his wake. It's soon discovered that if an American is in trouble and sing the Star Spangled Banner, then John's birthmark glows and he is drawn to where that person is.

    Also if anyone else touches the flag birthmark on his chest they gain powers like The Flag for an hour.


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