Flag-Smasher (Thierrault)

    Character » Flag-Smasher (Thierrault) appears in 29 issues.

    A global terrorist who uses violence to put an end to nationalism.

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    This article is about the current Flag-Smasher. For the previous Flag-Smasher, see Karl Morgenthau.


    Born and raised somewhere in Canada, Guy Thierrault joined ULTIMATUM at some point in his life. Following the original Flag-Smasher's death, he assumed the mantle as well as the role of head of ULTIMATUM, employing terroristic tactics to further the anti-nationalist agenda of his group.


    Thierrault was created by Zeb Wells and Stefano Caselli.

    Major Story Arcs

    Civil War

    Espousing both anti-registration and anti-government views, Flag-Smasher comes into conflict with the Runaways, who quickly defeat him but fail to ensure he is taken into custody. Later, he attacks a farmers' market after being challenged by registration-enforcing SHIELD agents who were suspicious of his above-average build and large duffle bag. Fighting the agents, he nearly defeats them before being confronted by the Runaways, who again subdue him. He is taken into custody.


    Escaping custody, Flag-Smasher travels to New York. There, he comes across Spider-Girl, whom he attacks. She is saved by Spider-Man, and Flag-Smasher flees after being defeated. He soon develops contacts in Hydra, and the group begins providing ULTIMATUM with funding as well as weaponry. Thus armed, he takes a number of agents to Philadelphia, where they intend to destroy the Liberty Bell. They are confronted by the Liberteens, and he and his team are quickly defeated. He attempts to flee, but is taken into custody by Ms America. Again escaping custody, he returns to New York where he attacks a recruitment station. He is challenged by Nomad, who almost defeats him before he endangers the lives of a number of citizens, necessitating that Nomad allow him to escape in order to rescue the civilians. His flight attempt is cut short by Falcon, who subdues him. He is then imprisoned


    Having escaped from custody yet again, Flag-Smasher abducts a Middle Eastern banker with the assistance of a number of ULTIMATUM agents. They are attacked by Venom, who kills most of the ULTIMATUM agents. Venom spares Flag-Smasher, but bites off the villain's right arm. Later, Flag-Smasher acquires a bionic arm and returns to Manhattan to wreak havoc. His attempt to blow up city hall is stopped by the Avengers and Frog-Man.


    Thierrault is later killed by an ULTIMATUM agent named Carl, who declares himself the new Flag Smasher.

    Powers and Abilities

    Flag-Smasher has no known superhuman abilities. He is in excellent physical condition, and a capable hand-to-hand fighter, as well as displaying proficiency with weaponry. He is a competent leader, and has been shown to have a gift for escape.

    Equipment and Weapons

    Flag-Smasher wears an exo-skeleton that greatly enhances his strength, as well as jet boots that allow for flight. He carries a large spiked mace as a weapon, and has also used a flame-throwing pistol.


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