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Alternate Worlds

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During the Ages of Apocalypse event, a dying Apocalypse attempted to bend reality using the Twelve. He attempted to trick them into to powering himself and allowing him to insert himself into a younger body,  
One such reality was a future where the X-Men had conquered space. The Cadre K had spread peace through the Cosmos, and working with the Professor and Beast, they had worked out a way to feed Galactus. Fiz appeared to be very high up within the workings of the Space-Based X-Men, and was there to greet Xavier, the Founder-X, Storm and Colossus as they returned from the Negative Zone
 In another Alternate world, created by Apocalypse,  
Fiz was led by Xaviers into a battle against the Shi'ar Imperium, and the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Deathbird had taken over the Shi'ar, having murdered Lilandra, and was now attempting to wage war not only with Earth, but with other planets around the Universe. Fortunately, the Mutant Skrulls led by Fiz and Xavier were on hand to act as Saviours rather than attackers.
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