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    Reigning from the distant future of Earth #1191, Fixx was a commanding officer in the X.S.E. Unhappy that their beliefs differed from the original ones, she created the X.U.E. to be more proactive.

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    Fixx originally reigns from an alternate reality. Not from Earth #616 but from Earth #1191, the same future timeline, approximately 100 years in the future, that both Bishop and Shard came from. A time when mutantkind was nearly extinct and the world is run almost completely by Sentinels .

    The woman known only as Fixx has a past that is largely unknown, even to her. What is known from her past is that Fixx originates from the same distant timeline that Bishop and Shard are from, approximately 80-100 years in the future. In her native timeline known as Earth #1191, Fixx was a decorated and respected commanding officer within the Xavier Security Enforcers ( XSE). As a member of the XSE, she and all the other members were "peace-keeping police officers", though they only policed other mutants. They basically kept their world safe from other evil mutants. In short, its mutants keeping other mutants in check. The XSE based their ideals off of the dream of peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants, the same as the late Professor Charles Xavier. As a commanding officer, it would be assumed that Fixx fully believed in what the XSE stood for. But that would be incredibly wrong.

    Before the XSE....

    Before the XSE, the world was a very different place. The world was completely overrun by mutant-hating Sentinels. The Sentinels nearly erased mutants from existence. Many mutants were either killed or placed in special concentration camps. Once in concentration camps, the mutants would live the rest of their lives supervised by Sentinels. In these camps mutants would be branded with an "M" over their right eye and would wear power inhibitor collars. Fixx was one of these mutants. Needless to say, she was living a happy existence and was all to ready to make a change. The Sentinels had been in power for nearly 80 years and the time was up. Only a spark was needed to start the fire. The "spark" came in the form of a group of humans and mutants banded together creating the resistance known as the Summers Rebellion. This group would spearhead an attack against the Sentinels that would start a wildfire. Many would join the rebellion, including Fixx, and shortly after the reign of the Sentinels was over. Finally, mutants now had the chance to control their own future and make a difference. Fixx was all to ready to start hers.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    A New Beginning

    After the war was over a group of mutants would come forward and utilize Professor Charles Xavier's teaching and form a mutant-policing sect by the name of the XSE. Fixx would join and quickly move up the ranks. Happy at first, Fixx felt that she was finally helping fix the world. The longer she stayed with the XSE the more she began to see that she was very wrong.

    At first the XSE were staunch in their position and beliefs but eventually things began to change. Members became very lacks and began to change rules to fit their needs. They even dealt with their mutant criminals with extreme prejudice and stop actively taking on peace keeping missions. Fixx would speak with her close friends and confidents, Archer and Greystone, and they mirrored her feelings. Maybe the XSE wasn't the right place for her. But if not the XSE, then with who??

    The Xavier Underground Enforcers

    A mysterious man, who appears to be the Forge of the future, called Genesis, gets in contact with Fixx for a secret meeting. This meeting would plant the seed that would grow into a new organization called the Xavier Underground Enforcers (XUE). Archer and Greystone would soon follow and join the XUE. The purpose of the XUE was to stand up for mutant rights in the future. They, too, would more closely follow the words of Charles Xavier, unwilling to bend or change them like the XSE. Not too long after they would even recruit yet another high-ranking officer from the XSE named Shard, Bishop's little sister.

    Sometimes you have to move backwards to move forward.

    Even though Shard's membership would be short lived with the XUE, she would return to the XSE still believing in their ideals. This is reason she didn't give any information away on Fixx or her group. Time passes and the XUE still thrived. Though they were starting to think that their efforts were falling short of their desired goal. They would decide the best way to repair their world is to go to the past and stop their time from occurring. Coincidently Shard, now dead and reanimated as a sentient hologram was now in the past on Earth #616. Fixx was able to find her due to Fixx's abnormally-strong ability to create psionic rapports.

    With Shards mind locked down, Fixx would start her plans to travel through time. She would transfer her mind/essence across time and space through use of her powerful psionic fearies. Leaving her body behind, she would then merge with Shard. At least that was the plan, but things always change, and they did.

    Firstly, she wouldn't go alone. Her partners, Archer and Greystone, would accompany her. Beginning her process, she uses her vast mental powers and she begins to meet success. Their minds make it to their desired destination but they don't merge with Shard. Their minds go elsewhere.

    As they arrive in the Earth #616 timeline, an accident had just occurred. On a bus a bomb had taken the lives of their individuals: a blonde girl in her early twenties, a young teenage boy and middle aged man. Their minds, wanting their own bodies, would enter the three recently deceased bus goers and the bodies would come back to life. It wasn't planned but it worked out. Though Fixx and her companions had new bodies, they still had their minds and mutant powers. Unfortunately for Fixx, the girls body she inhabitant would suffer from amnesia. This meant that Fixx did too. Since her mind/brain was the center point of her powers and her were afflicted by amnesia, she would lose access to a portion of her gifts. On top of that she had no clue who her new body was or her past. She would simply call herself "Jane Doe." Though she had these hurdles to overcome, she would still continue with her mission.

    The XUE no more.....

    Once Fixx and her partners got a grasp on their situation, they would head to Shard for help. Shard was now a member of X-Factor, a government appointed team of mutants. When the remnants of the XUE find her they don't talk, they fight. After a drawn out fight between the XUE and X-Factor the teams would take their situation out. A decision would be made to have Fixx's trio join X-Factor and jointly tackle their mission. From there on, Fixx was now a member of X-Factor. Her two partners, Archer and Greystone would serve short terms on the team. Archer quit the hero business leaving and telling knows one. Greystone suffered from a mental time displacement mental ailment and died. Fixx, as the lone XUE survivor, would remain with X-Factor until they disband. She has not been heard of since. It's still possible that she is still working on her XUE mission. But, nothing has been revealed about her since.


    Fixx is a psionic with immensely powerful mental energies at her disposal. Fixx's psi-powers differ from other psionics in that her mental energies take on the form of small butterfly-like "fairies".

    Psionic Fairies:

    Fixx's mental powers first manifest in the form of an aura-like field of pure psionic energy that surrounds and saturates her body. This "aura" is generated from her mind but focused through a jewel located in the center of her forehead. Though unexplained, perhaps the jewel was an implant allowing her to better focus and control her powers. This same field once manifested and emanating around her, then creates, what looks like little psionic fairy projections. These fairies are created from Fixx's mental powers and are not to be underestimated by their appearance. They act as the focused totality of Fixx's powers and they are quite powerful. They have both offensive and defensive capabilities. They can be used to communicate messages to others across vast distances or used to create a psychic rapport that's nearly unbreakable. When used offensively, they can cause extreme mental pain by burrowing into the brains of others. These same fairies also psionically alter Fixx's appearance from that of Fixx to her alias "Jane Doe."


    Fixx is able to communicate with others solely through the use of her mind by projecting her psi-fairies into another person's mind.


    Fixx can use her psionic fairies to move objects or repel physical assualts.

    Mental Chrono-Skimming/Teleportation:

    Through the use of her psionic fairies, Fixx is able to transfer her and others total essence across both time and space. Though she can not transfer her physical body, she can her mind. Once she arrives she can mentally possess another’s body effectively making it hers. The result allows what appears to be a form of teleportation

    Advanced Psychokinesis:

    Fixx is able to mentally manipulate matter to produce varying effects.

    Limited Metaphorming Abilities:

    Fixx mental energies allow her to morph into and from her alias as Jane Doe.


    When Fixx inhabited Jane Doe she assumed all the same mental disorders that Jane was afflicted by. In this case Jane suffered from amnesia. This directly effected Fixx's mental abilities and the use of her powers. Still very strong in her own right but she could be even stronger if she could regain her memories.


    Known Relatives: Unrevealed

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United States

    Place of Birth: In a distant alternate reality on Earth #1191.

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Adventurer, Time-traveler, Commanding Officer in the X.S.E & Mutant Rights Activist

    Education: Unrevealed.

    Unusual Traits: Fixx has a jewel affixed in the center of her forehead where her psionic energy field emanates from. Its unrevealed if the jewel is actually a cybernetic implant or of biological design.


    Gender: Female

    Height: 5'6"

    Weight: 115 lbs.

    Hair: Black as Fixx, Blonde as Jane Doe

    Eyes: Black as Fixx, Blue as Jane Doe

    Unusual Traits: Fixx has a cybernetic implant in the center of her forehead which resembles that of a gem. This was placed there to enable greater control and focus over her mutant powers.


    Fixx was created by Howard Mackie, Duncan Rouleau & Jamie Mendoza.


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