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A mechanical genius, Fixit believes Cyborg's biological components are imperfect and must be removed. Like a stereotypical unfeeling robot, Fixit straps Cyborg down, disables his defense mechanisms, and prepares him for surgery in order to remove them. As though believing it will help Cyborg deal with the procedure, he downloads Cy's memories into a mechanical brain for him. Yet something goes awry and he experiences the beauty of Cyborg's memories.

Repenting, he comes out of the junkyard with Cyborg's help, in order to help him remember the world in all its glory. He has not been seen since.

Fixit is a mechanical genius who has spent his life in a junkyard, fixing and maniuplating machines. Until he met Cyborg, he believed perfection was found in machinery, and wished to eliminate Cyborg's human side completely.

While downloading Cyborg's memories into his new, mechanical brain, Fixit experienced Cyborg's most recent memories: a picnic in the park, playing football with local kids, and remembered how beautiful the world was. Realizing his mistake, Fixit asked Cyborg to take him out of the junkyard and let him experience the beauty of the world agian.

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