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    The Five War Potentials are a group of individuals that Yhwach thought could change the tide of the Thousand Year Blood War. They are group of powerful individuals who are described as threats to Yhwach himself.

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    During their war with the Soul Society, the Wandereich have placed particular emphasis on a group of strong characters called the Special War Powers (特記戦力, tokki senryoku; lit "Notable/Noted Fighting Powers"; Viz "Special Threats") who are deemed to change the tides of the war itself. Sosuke Aizen was asked to join the Wandereich but he declined the offer. Genryusai Yamamoto was not considered a war potential since Yhwach considered him weak compared to 1,000 years ago. Originally, Kenpachi Zaraki was deemed the most dangerous, but Ichigo Kurosaki was deemed the most dangerous after Kenpachi was defeated by Royd Lloyd.

    These 5 war potentials are all given a specific quality which they possess which deem them as threats.

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    The members and their category are

    1. Ichigo Kurosaki - Latent ability - Potential to be far stronger than the average combatant due to his mixed heritage.
    2. Kenpachi Zaraki - Fighting Strength - His monsterous fighting abilities and physicals as well as his combat skill.
    3. Ichibei Hyosube - Wisdom - His ability to think and act strategically using his vast knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.
    4. Aizen Sosuke - Reiastu - His overpowering Reaitsu capable of disintegrating other beings and repelling the power of the Soul King himself.
    5. Kisuke Urahara - Unknown means - His abilities to outmaneuver even the best of opponents by using his cunning smarts and adapting his battle strategy.


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