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    The Fistigons were Chase Stein's original weapon during the first series of Runaways. They allow the user to control flame.

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    The Fistigons are weapons created by Chase Stein's parents. They are gauntlets that respond to the mental commands of the wearer. They were found in the Stein’s shed by their son, Chase, though Alex Wilder was manipulating Chase, along with the other runaways, at the time. Chase also found some X-Ray specs. Chase used them for the first time in the following issue to create a wall of flame. Chase was seen to be able to create a cube of flame, and then a more complex samurai figure. The Fistigons seemingly create their own flame, and the wearer can somehow manipulate it to their own needs. They are the most powerful gauntlets ever invented, including those created by Tony Stark.

    Chase first used them in action when he attacked the vampire Topher, though they failed to have much impact. He then used them against Cloak and Dagger but missed them. Clearly, he had a lot of training to do before he could use the gloves to their fullest. They didn’t work in Cloak’s darkforce dimension and failed to do much against a sentry robot in the Gibborim's Marine Vivarium. They set the sentry on fire but it didn’t do much stop the robot.

    Chase found out that he could use the Fistigons to create flame, and later managed to make it in any way he wished, such as in a cube. However, the Fistigons proved pretty useless against the team's early foes, as Topher the vampire was immune to the flame, and Chase didn't get a chance to use them on Cloak and Dagger. He got a chance to use them against the Pride's security Golem, but that too was immune to the flame. After being badly wounded by the security Golem, Chase gave them to Alex, who soon after used them against his former teammates. When Alex was revealed to be the mole, Nico destroyed the gloves using her "Hands Off" spell, leaving them unusable.

    When the runaways went back in time to 1907, Chase disappeared after meeting the Yorkes' but returned soon after with two new Fistigons. Unlike the old ones, these can fire small rockets. One of them fires electric bolts and the other appears to manipulate fire like his old gauntlets. More recently, Chase found a pair of feet-version of the Fistigons he calls "Footstigons".


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