Fist of the North Star #5

    Fist of the North Star » Fist of the North Star #5 - Volume 5 released by Viz on June 2022.

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    Ken’s search for his lost brother Toki has led him to the gates of the notorious prison known as Cassandra, the City of Wailing Demons. Finding Toki means plunging into the depths of the horror-filled prison, but before he can do that, Ken must take on its formidable warden Uyghur. Butt even if Toki can be found and freed, he is not the last of the martial artist brothers whose ultimate fate is intertwined with Ken’s!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 55: Sorrowful Gamble!
    • Chapter 56: Graves of the Saviors
    • Chapter 57: Laid to Rest in an Unmarked Grave!
    • Chapter 58: Footsteps of Terror!
    • Chapter 59: The Quiet Giant!
    • Chapter 60: Hokuto Ujoken!
    • Chapter 61: The Lost Man of Hokuto
    • Chapter 62: The Blue Glow of Shichosei!
    • Chapter 63: The Little Hero!
    • Chapter 64: The Looming Demonic Beast!
    • Chapter 65: The Malefic One Shines!
    • Chapter 66: The Illusory Maleficent Fists!
    • Chapter 67: A Warning from the Dead!


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