Fist of the North Star #12

    Fist of the North Star » Fist of the North Star #12 - Volume 12 released by Viz on March 2024.

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    As the years have passed, peace has come to the wasteland. But it is an unjust peace, one kept in place by the brutality of a powerful empire. Rin and Bat, having finally reunited with Kenshiro, are now freedom fighters. Along with a bounty hunter named Ein, the group faces new enemies—Falco the Golden Wolf and the cruel warlord Jako, who serve the mysterious Tentei. Falco and Jako may have whole armies at their beck and call, but they’ve never come up against the likes of Kenshiro and Hokuto Shinken before…

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 147: Nanto Rises!
    • Chapter 148: The Mash Sheds No Tears!!
    • Chapter 149: The Brave General Cries No More!
    • Chapter 150: Canal of Drifting Death!
    • Chapter 151: Spear of Rage!
    • Chapter 152: The Black Shadow That Bechons Death
    • Chapter 153: All to the Heavens!
    • Chapter 154: Heaven-Splitting Battle!
    • Chapter 155: Reunion in Hell!
    • Chapter 156: Two Celestial Monarchs!
    • Chapter 157: Wipe Away Their Blood!
    • Chapter 158: A Promise to Asuha!
    • Chapter 159: Tears of a Warrior!!
    • Chapter 160: The Eternal Soul of a Father!!


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    Story Arcs

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