Fisher King

    Character » Fisher King appears in 65 issues.

    A powerless Arakki mutant who doesn't consider himself human, because humans are from Earth.

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    The Fisher King was born in the prisons of Amenth among the other Arrakii. Although, he considered himself among them, he never developed a mutant power (a weapon, as the Arrakii call it). Despite this, he refused to bend his knee to Annihilation and continued to fight back against the Locus Vile. To protect him from their psychics, he had his identity psychically amputated and is now a man without a name as well as a man without a weapon.


    Fisher King debuted in X-Men: Red #1 by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli.

    Major Story Arcs

    Red Planet

    Fisher King settles on Mars, after the mutants of Krakoa terraform it into a livable environment. While the rest of the Arakki settle on a mainland continent, Fisher King is happy to call a small lonely island his home. Magneto also set his eyes on the small lonely island, and the two made quick friends over sharing it.

    As Magneto is drawn into the politics of Arakko thanks to Storm and Sunspot, so is Fisher King. They form the Brotherhood of Arakko to defend the new planet from new threats, including Abigail Brand's X-Men Red team, which also claimed to be defending them.


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