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Current Events

N.E.M.O. is currently under the control of Black Manta and his second in command Black Jack.


Fisher King was created by writer Dan Abnett and penciler Philippe Briones in Aquaman #5.

Major Story Arcs

The Drowning

Fisher King was the leader of N.E.M.O., a secret society covertly controlling the oceans since 1983. He tried to recruit Black Manta as an agent but when they disagreed Manta murdered him by slicing his throat in front of N.E.M.O., before anyone could react. Black Manta then seized control of the organization, with Black Jack as his second in command.

Powers & Abilities

FIsher King does not possess any superhuman powers, but as the leader of an extremely wealthy secret society he has access to many resources.


Fisher King was the leader of an enormous secret organization with global power.


Fisher King is a clever leader and his organization has been covertly controling the oceans and trade by seas since 1983.


Great Wealth

As the head of N.E.M.O. he has ammassed a great fortune that allows for global power and influence as well as furthering N.E.M.O.'s agenda

Advanced Technology

N.E.M.O. possesses highly advanced technology like their Albatross Stealth Planes. Fisher King is seen resting on a floating chair that can also move on command.


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