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    The First Line was called such as they were the First Line of Defense against the skrull. The team would count amongst their numbers... Black Fox, Positron, Pixie, Nightingale, Black Jack, Effigy, Oxbow, Major Mercury (Makkari), and Yeti.

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    The group formed in 1958 when Yankee Clipper, Liberty Girl and the Black Fox were brought together to investigate security breaches at a research center dedicated to studying a Skrull landing. It would be revealed that the agent of the NSA who brought our heroes together, was none other than one of the skrull by the name of Velmax. Velmax adopted the name effigy to join our brave heroes in a team called... The Front Line.

    Over the decades, The Front Line would assemble to confront various threats (Yellow Claw, Sub-Mariner, Nocturne, the Deviants and Kang amongst others) and make new allies ( Thor, Nick Fury, and Doctor Strange). A varied and diverse roster would keep the team fresh through multiple incarnations.


    The First Line was created by Roger Stern and John Byrne.

    Team Evolution

    First Line has consisted of many notable members, including Eternal Brain, Pixie, Makkari, Effigy, Yeti, Yankee Clipper, Walkabout, Liberty Girl, Positron, Oxbow, Firefall and Reflex.

    Major Story Arcs

    Death of the superheros of the 1950's.

    In a successful attempt to thwart a Skrull invasion most of the team fought valiantly unto their deaths. While some survived, The Front Line was finished.

    New Team

    In the 1980's the First Line was revived in order to rescue Mr Justice. They're headquarters were than accommodated by the Eternal Brain in the Carmody Institute, which was based off the coast of Maine. Despite an initial rocky start with the first mission which had several complications, including Black Jacks death, the team stayed together for many number of years and missions.


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