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    Before there was Eternity there was the First Firmament the beginning of everything.

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    The first firmament is a creature created by The One-Above-All and at one point in time he was reality, time, space, and the universe all at once, dubbed the 'first cosmos,' but in his loneliness he created life, known as Celestials/Aspirants. The 'second cosmos' emerged from creation, but it paled in comparison to the first firmament because it possessed just a fraction of his might. The first firmament absorbed the second cosmoses existence after the 'second cosmos' produced the third cosmos, this deity was the essence of the first ever multiverse and at this time Oblivion, Death, Living Tribunal, Power Cosmic and The Brother Yin were created. The new Multiverse was given the name "Seventh Cosmos" after the embodiment of the Sixth Cosmos died(destroyed by Black Winter). Unlike the other Cosmoses, the Seventh Cosmos was not embodied by a single entity, but 2 Infinity and Eternity, they are the incarnations of the Seventh Cosmos. The majority of the Marvel universe was constructed at the creation of the seventh cosmos.


    The first firmament is an omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient being. The 2nd cosmos was absorbed by the first firmament, which then he absorbed the rest of the cosmos until only the 7th remains.

    Eternity being destroyed by the First Firmament.
    Eternity being destroyed by the First Firmament.

    " Nothing can help you now. Your own systems have been corrupted. Turned against you. They will devour you from the inside out. And I will absorb what scraps are left of you, Eternity. And all will be as it was, long ago. Before your foul kind. Before the Multiverses. Eighth and seventh... and sixth... and fifth... and back and back... dying and being born, over and over. Like filthy little organisms. We will return to a saner time. When there was but one cosmos. One universe. One reality. One totality. When there was only I. I am the First Firmament. And soon... I will be the last. " -first firmament


    Within the vast and imaginative universe of Marvel Comics, an intricate web of characters exists, each with their own unique powers, abilities, and origins. Among these fascinating characters is the enigmatic entity known as the First Firmament. This essay delves into the intricate history, powers, and significance of the First Firmament in the Marvel multiverse, shedding light on its immense influence on reality itself.

    Origins and Background:

    The First Firmament is a cosmic entity depicted as the very first incarnation of the universe, preceding the creation of the multiverse. It represents the primordial state of reality, existing long before the existence of familiar concepts such as time, space, and dimensions. As Marvel's ultimate embodiment of the primeval universe, the First Firmament is often associated with the concept of "The First Cosmos."

    According to Marvel lore, the First Firmament emerged during a period of immense cosmic upheaval known as the First War. It is said to have waged a fierce battle against the Celestials, immensely powerful cosmic beings responsible for shaping and manipulating reality across the multiverse. However, the First Firmament was eventually defeated and cast aside, making way for subsequent iterations of the universe to take form.

    Powers and Abilities:

    The First Firmament possesses unimaginable power, capable of warping reality on a cosmic scale. As the primordial embodiment of the universe itself, it holds dominion over the fundamental forces and elements that govern existence. Its powers extend to manipulating time, altering the fabric of space, and reshaping the very laws of physics.

    Furthermore, the First Firmament exhibits god-like omniscience, possessing an inherent understanding of the functioning of the cosmos. It has the ability to perceive and analyze the intricate workings of reality, allowing it to foresee events across different timelines and dimensions. This knowledge grants it an unparalleled strategic advantage, making it a formidable force to reckon with.

    Significance in Marvel Mythology:

    The First Firmament holds immense significance within the Marvel multiverse, playing a pivotal role in the creation and evolution of reality. Its defeat and subsequent exile mark a crucial turning point in the cosmic hierarchy, leading to the rise of subsequent iterations of the universe and the emergence of powerful cosmic entities like the Celestials.

    Moreover, the First Firmament embodies the concept of "cosmic entropy" in the Marvel mythos. Its existence highlights the cyclical nature of the multiverse, wherein the rise and fall of different cosmic entities and realities are an intrinsic part of the universe's tapestry. The First Firmament represents the first stage of this cycle, symbolizing the birth, growth, and eventual decay of cosmic entities.

    Appearances and Story Arcs:

    The First Firmament has been featured prominently in several Marvel storylines, leaving a lasting impact on the Marvel multiverse. One such notable appearance is in the "Ultimates²" comic series, where it serves as the primary antagonist. This story arc explores the existential threat posed by the First Firmament as it attempts to reclaim its dominion over the multiverse, challenging the very fabric of reality.

    Additionally, the First Firmament's influence extends to various other Marvel titles, including "Secret Wars" and "Avengers." These appearances highlight the vast scope of its power and the significant role it plays in shaping the overarching Marvel narrative.


    The First Firmament stands as an awe-inspiring character within the Marvel universe, representing the raw power and potential of the cosmos in its primordial state. As the original incarnation of the universe, it embodies the forces that shape reality itself, with immense power to manipulate time, space, and dimensions.

    From its origins in the First War to its subsequent fall and exile, the First Firmament has left an indel


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