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    A Firestorm is a person who can use the Firestorm Protocol to gain the powers of matter & energy transmutation/manipulation, force blasts, flight, physical enhancement and other abilities depending on the skill of the user. In the New 52 there are many who are working together against a common enemy.

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    Firestorms became weapons after Zithertech was able to manufacture them and sell them to countries, effectively becoming the next stage in weapons-of –mass-destruction because they were walking nuclear reactors. Firestorms also became black market goods, some having fallen into the hands of weapons dealers and worth a billion dollars apiece. All Firestorms have similar powers; the main limit is the skill and proficiency of the user and the stability of the Firestorm Matrix itself. Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond also possessed the power to combine with other Firestorms to create larger and more powerful yet harder to control beings.

    During the battle in Pakistan against the Rogue Firestorms and Pozhar it was revealed that only Jason, Ronnie, and Pozhar had untainted Firestorm Protocols as the ones manufactured by Zithertech had fail-safes that allowed them to be shut remotely.



    Jason Rusch

    Jason is one of the original Firestorms. He was given the ability directly from Doctor Martin Stein, the inventor of the Firestorm Protocols. He goes to school with Ronnie Raymond and is adept at matter transmutation, having a think first, act second mentality.

    Status: Alive

    Ronnie Raymond

    Ronnie gained the power when Jason became Firestorm in school and gained the ability as well. He was very physical with his abilities and did not appreciate them as much. He was trained somewhat by Pozhar to control his abilities and became stronger. He has an act first, think second mentality that often puts him at odds with Jason.

    Status: Alive


    Pozhar, real name unknown, is a very powerful Russian Firestorm who helped Martin Stein work on the original Protocols and as such, has a much deeper understanding of them than everyone else. He made it his mission to eventually kill all other Firestorms as he saw them as thieves who stole his work. He spent some time training Ronnie Raymond to become more adept with his powers and become a soldier in his war. He was killed when he was forcibly separated from Scorn.

    Status: Deceased


    Firehawk, first name Therese, last name unknown, is the French Firestorm and presumably was once a soldier. She met Jason in France while he was pursuing a Rogue Firestorm trying to blow up the Eiffel Tower and she also met the Justice League International as well. She accompanied Jason to Russia to help find answers about Stein before leaving. They met again in the Battle of Pakistan where she nearly died at the hands of Scorn. She survived and killed Director Zither at the Zithertech compound. Her ultimate fate is unknown.

    Status: Unknown


    Hurricane, real name unknown, is an English Firestorm and was once a soldier. He met Jason in France while he was pursuing a Rogue Firestorm trying to blow up the Eiffel Tower and he also met the Justice League International as well. They met again in the Battle of Pakistan where he died at the hands of Scorn.

    Status: Deceased


    Raksashi is a female Indian Firestorm whose protocol was bought from Zithertech. She knew Pozhar from before the series started and didn’t trust him. She was friendly, if not stern to Ronnie and Jason. She died in the Battle of Pakistan when Director Zither activated the fail-safe in her protocol, killing her after she was beaten in a fight with Scorn.

    Status: Deceased


    Al-Faristaa was a Quraci black market arms dealer who sold Firestorm Protocols and used one on himself. He sold one for a billion dollars to loyalist members in a civil war before being confronted by Pozhar who told him that he was using flawed protocols. He was killed by Pozhar after losing a fight above the Red Sea shortly thereafter.

    Status: Deceased

    Qurac Terrorist

    The Qurac Terrorist was a man who stormed a concert with several other men much to the confusion of the crowd. He was confronted by Jason and Ronnie but was able to get away just long enough to detonate himself and kill all of the concert-goers. Jason and Ronnie survived.

    Status: Deceased


    A former soldier and husband to Director of Zithertech, Candace Zither, Helix was unique because he is as big as a combined Firestorm and was more powerful than a regular one. It took the might of Fury to stop him by decapitating him. He eventually returns and crashes a football game before the combined Firestorm of Ronnie and Jason bring him to the upper atmosphere and detonate him, finally killing him.

    Status: Deceased

    Rogue Firestorms

    Rouge Firestorms are dangerous knockoffs of regular Firestorms that are easy to make at the cost of stability because their protocol is made using shortcuts but they are easy to mass produce. It was suspected but never confirmed that they were targeting Zithertech and countries using their Firestorms but they also were after Pozhar for reasons unknown. Raksashi called them Ashra Khan. There were hundreds of them before they were wiped out in the Battle of Pakistan.

    Status: Deceased

    Combined Firestorms

    Combined Firestorms occur when two Firestorms combine their powers into one, larger and more powerful, yet more difficult to control being. This appeared to be a special ability of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond seeing as all combinations involved one of them and Firehawk was very surprised that it happened. She theorized that it was because he and Jason were only half of the Firestorm Protocol that allowed them to do this but Jason wasn’t sure. It seems to take severe emotional shock to trigger the reaction, primarily anger.

    The two creators exist inside of the quantum field and can fully interact with each other and either one or both can control the body or have the separate entity of the combined form take over. Therefore it is difficult to say whether the combined Firestorm is a combination of the two people or a new separate entity. Being in the quantum field hurt Firehawk but seemed to have no effect on Ronnie, Jason or Pozhar.


    Fury is a combination of Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond when they were both separate Firestorms. They first turned into Fury while arguing and under extreme duress after being attacked by Zithertech mercenaries. After the first time they used him again to fight Helix and it took them to be mad at each other to become Fury again.


    Wrath is the combination of Jason Rusch and Firehawk. They combined in Paris while fighting the Justice League International. It took longer to control and was much less stable than Fury. While they controlled it for a very short time, it caused Firehawk pain and when they separated they ended up in Russia. Once Firehawk was able to control herself, she was able to help pull Jason out as he was lost in the quantum field.


    Scorn is the combination of Ronnie Raymond and Pozhar. He was much more powerful than Fury and all of the other Firestorms, nearly killing Raksashi and Firehawk and killing Hurricane countless Rogues. He was arguably one of the most powerful beings on the planet and was more than willing to use his power as Pozhar was able to direct him completely. He was destroyed when Jason forced his way into the quantum field and became Fury with Ronnie, which was able to overpower Scorn and killed Pozhar as well.


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