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    Daughter of an arms dealer who was caught aiding the enemy during the war in the five year gap leading up to Futures End. Since then she entered a relationship with Tim Drake, who is hiding from the world after faking his death as Red Robin and is known to her only as Cal Corcoran. Became Firestorm when merged with Jason Rusch

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    In the potential future of Futures End, which takes place five years into the future of the current DC universe, Madison Payne is the Daughter of an arms dealer who was caught supplying both sides in order to boost his profits. After her father was arrested for treason she moved to New York City where she attends Colombia University as well as began a relationship with Cal Corcoran (Tim Drake).

    While she was visiting her father in prison she was saved by Superman (Shazam) after being caught up in a prison break. Soon after she discovers Cal is really Tim Drake former Red Robin, she confronted him and broke up with him for not being able to trust him. A few days later she made plans to meet up with Jason Rusch at his lab in the university for a study session but ended up meeting Dr. Yamazake instead. Dr. Yamazake held her father as one of the people responsible for his wife’s death during the war between Earth Prime and Earth 2 so he decides to punish her by using her as his first human test subject for his teleportation machine.

    While attempted to transport Madison Jason interfered knowing Dr. Yamazake calculation was incorrect, the result ended in the machine exploding causing Madison and Jason to be fused together as a new Firestorm. They went to the Justice League in hope of a way to return them back to normal but were interrupted by Brainiac’s invasion. Madison was drafted in the Justice League in order to fight off Brainiac advances. She also convinces Dr. Yamazake now going by Dr. Polaris as a result of the transporter exploding, to help the Justice League and they will help him make correction to his teleportation technology.

    Powers & Abilities

    Madison's connection to the Firestorm Matrix grants her the following abilities:

    • Density Control: As Firestorm, she can change the density of herself and objects.
    • Energy Absorption: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can absorb massive amounts of energy as well as being able to absorb many different types of energy.
    • Energy Projection: Elements tied to the Firestorm Matrix can project massive amounts of different types of energies.
    • Enhanced Physical Stats: Firestorm has superhuman levels of strength, a healing factor, and resistance to injury.
    • Flight: As Firestorm Madison can fly at supersonic speed.
    • Matter Manipulation: Firestorms can break down and reapply subatomic particles as well as break up the molecular structure of elements and rearrange them. To do this the element must know the exact elemental make-up of the object or human. Most Firestorms cannot affect living tissue but it is possible though very unstable.

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