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Firefly is a minor comic villain that wears a suit enabling him to fly and has fire base powers. Firefly would come into conflict with Nova when he attempts to burn down the Westhaven Nuclear Generating Station alongside the Hudson River. Firefly touches Nova and ignites the hero but Nova's suit protects him from extreme temperatures and contained a built in oxygen supply. Nova grabs Firefly and dives into a nearby lake where he knocks out the villain with a left punch.  


Firefly was created by Marv Wolfman and Sal Buscema in 1977 and first appeared in The Man Called Nova # 10. 

Story Arcs

Firefly would appear sometime later and come into conflict with Power Man and Iron Fist when he attempts to burn down a building in lower Manhattan. Firefly shoots his flames at the Heroes for Hire but Cage blocks the fire with a steel door. The steel door starts to melt when the new Crime-Buster intervenes and takes down Firefly with fire-extinguishing foam and a bolo-net. 

Powers & Abilities

Firefly wears a suit that enables him to fly and contains heat circuits inside the suit that allow him the ability to start fires with his touch or emit fire blasts from his hands.

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