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    Garfield Lynns was a special effects expert who was eventually driven insane and became obsessed with flames. Lynss adopted the name of Firefly and became a crazed arsonist. Firefly's main foe is Batman but has been known to clash with Batgirl on several occasions.

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    This page is about the first Firefly, Garfield Lynns. For information on the second Firefly, see Ted Carson.



    Garfield Lynns is a moderately successful theatrical lighting expert but decides to embark upon a career of crime after he found himself out of a job. Using his technical abilities to create the impression that a Gotham theater was ablaze, Lynns sat back and watched as his henchmen coolly robbed the panicking crowd.

    Batman and Robin were soon on the scene, but Lynns was fortunate to escape when they mistook the light of a tiny firefly for that of Lynns cigarette. Taking these events as an omen, Lynns designed a colorful costume based upon the insect and called himself the Firefly, making good use of his knowledge of lighting effects. However, his career was brought to an abrupt end when he was eventually captured by Batman and Robin. Lynns went on to battle Creeper and the Outsiders under the guise of Firefly.


    Garfield Lynns is originally a pyrotechnic expert for motion pictures, but falls victim to Gotham City's severe poverty and turns to crime, displaying signs of pyromania. Lynns is captured by Batman and Robin after his first robbery. He takes up arson as a hobby, but it soon turns to an obsession; he believes he can see visions in the flames. Inspired by actual fireflies, he builds a suit and becomes a professional arsonist. Early in his criminal career Firefly becomes the protégé of Killer Moth, looking to duplicate the success of crime-fighting duo Batman and Robin. The alliance falls apart when Killer Moth realizes the full extent of Firefly's madness and fears for his own well-being. During his career, Firefly has 90% of his body burned by his own flames.


    Garfield Lynns was created for use in DC Comics, he was created by France Herron and Dick Sprang. His first appearance is in Detective Comics #184 which was released in June, 1952.

    Major Story Arcs

    All of these story arcs take place Post-Crisis


    For full summary see: Knightfall

    Firefly is locked up in Arkham Asylum but manages to escape and intends to literally burn every single place that he wasn't able to visit while he was a child. He is able to successfully burn the first two locations he visits but upon attempting to burn the third location, Gotham Zoo, is ultimately caught by Batman. His face is unmasked, for the first time, and revealed to show his black hair containing white highlights.

    No Man's Land

    For full summary see: No Man's Land

    Firefly is an inmate in Blackgate Penitentiary when Lockup took it over, and after Nightwing's plan to take the prison back failed, Firefly desired to kill Nightwing's and wear his flesh over his own burned skin.

    Crisis of Conscience

    For full summary see: Crisis of Conscience

    Firefly is first revealed in Gotham City quarreling over a diamond with Catwoman, Batman arrives to take the stolen jewel back. Following Batman's arrival on the scene the Justice League of America and the Secret Society of Super Villains engage in a battle, during which Firefly is knocked out and remains in that state through the duration of the fight.

    Villains United

    For full summary see: Villains United

    As the Secret Six try to escape being captured by the Secret Society of Super Villains, Firefly is briefly shown but doesn't actually do anything.

    The OMAC Project

    For full summary see: The OMAC Project

    OMAC 54962 "Terminates" target "lyons, garfield" Firefly is seen set on fire.

    Final Crisis

    For full summary see: Final Crisis

    After the events of Final Crisis, Firefly joined Cheetah III's Secret Society of Super Villains around the time of Genocide's creation. He is subsequently beaten by Wonder Woman in cooperation with Shapnel, Phobia, and T.O. Morrow.

    Streets of Gotham

    In Streets of Gotham #1 a new Black Mask recruits Firefly along with other villains and attempt to seize control over Gotham City. though Firefly joined up with the other villains, he has his own plan brought about by the chemicals used on him by the new Black Mask, and inserts microchips in the citizens of Gotham City which causes them to burn. Where thirty six civilians were burned to a crisp. The entire city was on fire. People were combusting throughout the city.

    Not long after the identity of the new Black Mask was revealed to be Jeremiah Arkham, Firefly was arrested and put into Arkham Asylum. A short time later Firefly is broken out of Arkham Asylum by Dick Grayson, who has assumed the mantle of Batman, to assist him in gaining access to Sebastian Blackspell's closest friends. Batman (Dick) desires to know what Blackspells true intentions are in regards to killing the Riddler.

    New 52 Nightwing Annual #1

    Garfield Lyons is seemingly slain by Ted Carson to prove who is the superior arsonist. Carson then takes up the mantle of Firefly.

    DC Rebirth: All Star Batman

    Firefly allies himself with Killer Moth to stop Batman and gain the bounty on his head. Firefly has the upper hand but is quickly defeated by the Dark Knight. Firefly continues to pursue Batman but retreats after seeing that Black Spider was also defeated by him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Pre-Crisis Firefly displayed no innate super powers though used his skill with lighting to play tricks on people while committing crimes.

    Post-Crisis Firefly shields himself with a insulated battlesuit that will protect him from dangers. He carries himself around on a custom made jet pack and has wings on it to manipulate where he's planning on flying to. Firefly is aware of all flammable things around him and is a master in explosives. Firefly also heaves around grenade launchers to create havoc.

    Alternate Versions

    Pre-Crisis Origin

    There was a second Firefly who was actually Ted Carson, his family was incredibly rich due to investing in a goldmine. He loses most of his Family's fortune in gambling; as a result, Ted goes down the path of crime to bankroll his lavish lifestyle. He was Bruce Wayne's rival for Kathy Kane's affections. Ted disappeared after the Crisis.


    During the course of Flashpoint, Firefly is shown to be a member of the Battalion of Ambush Bugs under the leadership of Canterbury Cricket, and ultimately killed when he joins them in battle with the all-female superhuman Amazons.

    Other Media



    Firefly in The New Batman Adventures
    Firefly in The New Batman Adventures

    The New Batman Adventures

    Firefly made his first animated appearance in The New Batman Adventures. In his first appearance he is a pyrotechnics engineer seeking revenge on his ex-girlfriend who dumped and fired him.He is stopped by Batman. He next appears in "Legends of the Dark Knight" where he hired to burn buildings so the owners can collect the insurance money. He is caught by Batman. He is voiced by Mark Rolston.

    Justice League

    He later appears in Justice League as one villains (along with Copperhead, Luminus, Solomon Grundy, and Volcana) who escaped from prison. He is defeated by Green Lantern and Batman. Mark reprises his role.

    Batman Beyond

    Though he doesn't appear in Batman Beyond his costume is on display in the Batcave.

    The Batman

    Firefly in The Batman animated series
    Firefly in The Batman animated series

    He appears in The Batman as a mercenary and arsonist for hire. He's portrayed as wise cracker as opposed to the usual silent pyromaniac portrayal. He is defeated by Batman in his first appearance He would go to work with Mr.Freeze and join Team Penguin along side Killer Croc, Killer Moth and Ragdoll. He later gains a new partner and lover named Blaze. They steal a Phosphorus isotope. After an accident he becomes Phosphorus and goes insane.



    Firefly appears in the tenth episode of the TV Series Arrow and is played by Andrew Dunbar. Firefly is a former firefighter who becomes injured while on the job and begins to resent the city.

    Video Games

    Lego Batman

    Firefly appears in the Nintendo DS version of Lego Batman.

    Arkham Asylum

    Firefly doesn't appear directly, but the player can find newspaper clippings saying "Firefighter Garfield Lynns escapes blaze!" and "Firefly burns Gotham'. The papers can be seen next to propane tanks.

    Arkham Origins

    Firefly has much more of a major role in this prequel. Lynns is one of the eight assassins Black Mask hired to kill Batman.

    Arkham Knight

    Firefly has a minor role in Batman Arkham Knight, he appears as a side mission called "Gotham on Fire", where Lynns burns several fire stations and you must take him out with the Batmoblie.

    Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

    Firefly appears in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as one of the main villains of the game. He has the same design as his "The Batman" incarnation. Firefly is working with Joker, Killer Croc, Cheetah & Solomon Grundy in order to break into the Hall of Justice.


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