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    The Firefly is a golden age hero published by Archie comics; his secret identity is Harley Hudson, an entomologist and chemist. The version appearing in Top-Notch #8-27 is in the Public Domain.

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    Character History

    Harley Hudson is a scientist (primarily entomologist, although like many comic book scientists he seems to specialise in many fields) who discovered who insects are able to lift objects many times their own body weight, apparently it was due to insects being able to co-ordinate their muscles in a certain way. Learning this he teaches himself to co-ordinate his muscles like insects do, and finds himself able to lift massive weights ,able to jump massive distances and able to stay under water for long periods of time. Swearing to use these new found abilities for the good of human kind he becomes a costume crime fighter. He calls himself the Firefly because he will “light up the darkness that shrouds the underworld”. Donning a costume he becomes a superhero, fighting mobsters and Nazi’s in the forties. During his adventures he met Joan Burton, a newspaper reporter, who would go on to be his girlfriend and one of the few people who knew of the Firefly’s secret identity.

    Hudson later retires in undisclosed circumstances. He then reappears in the sixties, when the formation of the super team The Mighty Crusaders persuades him and many other superheroes to come out of retirement and apply for membership, however he fails to get membership to the team, but decides to continue fighting crime once more. In this appearance he had gained the ability to glow brightly, like an actual firefly.

    A plant based doppelganger of the Firefly was created by Eterno the Tyrant as part of the Malevolent Legion of Juggernauts and fought the new Mighty Crusaders. This was not the real Firefly; it was instead just a blank copy of him made from organic matter.

    He has not appeared since.

    The Firefly’s arch nemesis was Doctor Dread, a mad criminal scientist who created massive hulking monsters.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Firefly had learned to co-ordinate his muscles in a unique way, giving him the ability to lift objects many times his weight and jump massive distances. He could also hold his breath for extremely long periods of time and glow like an actually firefly. He is also a talented scientist, with possibly genius level intelligence.


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