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Otis, Captain Spaulding and Baby are the main players.
Otis, Captain Spaulding and Baby are the main players.

Baby, Captain Spaulding and Otis are part of the Firefly Family originally created for Rob Zombie's film House of 1000 Corpses. A sick and sadistic 'family' (though they refer to themselves as family Otis is a visitor nor a sibling) that rivals the Hewitt Family of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame. Each member of the Firefly family have an alias that comes from the Marx Brothers films. The family also consists of larger members with two brothers and a mother who were killed in the film version of Devils Rejects but make an appearance in the comic itself.

How are the family all Connected:

  • Captain Spaulding is the head of the family and father too Vera Ellen (Baby) married to Mother Firefly.
  • Angel Baby Firefly (Vera Ellen) is the daughter of Captain Spaulding and Mother Firefly
  • Otis Driftwod Friend to Captain Spaulding, various stories of how they met and it is rumored that Otis bought Dr Satan to the family compound in Texas. It is also rumored that Otis is Baby's boyfriend.
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  • Mother Firefly Married to Captain Spaulding and mother of Baby, Tiney and Rufus though from different fathers
  • Tiny Firefly Retarded at birth he is limited in his activities among the family though rumored to be the only surviving member after the Devils Rejects
  • Rufus Fireflly Killed during the police raid on the family compound but appears in the comics another killer like Otis and Baby but not as talented. Known to have a taste for rape.
  • Dr Satan No relation to the family but is a key player in their adventures of torture and mayhem. He lives underneath the family compound and is fed victims regularly. Rumored to be a Nazi as he tested on his patients in a Mental Asylum to create a super human race.
  • Charlie Altamont Half brother to Captain Spaulding and owner of a Brothel.

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