Character » Firefist appears in 7 issues.

    A Khund warrior in the 30th century and temporary member of the Glorithverse Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    His true name never revealed, Firefist was once a lowly warrior born on Khundia. He trained and fought ruthlessly within the Khund army and rose through their ranks, eventually reaching a status that made him eligible for cybernetic enhancements. Firefist branded himself as such for the extra firepower and guidance systems he installed upon himself. At some point, he killed the Khund who had won the hand of the beautiful Veilmist and by Khundish law she was now his bride and concubine.
    Firefist, alongside three other meta human Khund warriors, were assigned to work with the Legion of Super-Heroes when the Legion and the Khunds combined forces to take on Mordru. Firefist was deputized along with his allies as a good show for Khundia more than an actual desire to have him as a teammate. Firefist especially was boisterous and often insulted and challenged his fellow Legionnaires. He survived the first assault of Mordru's zombie forces but was ultimately separated from the Legionnaires with teammate Devlin O'Ryan, Reflex. The two were thrown by an attack into Mordru's castle, landing in his harem. Enraged by his defeat, Firefist was hardly in a good mood and lashed out at the girls in the harem who attempted to proposition him. The innocent Devlin jumped to the defense of the women, Firefist gladly taking that as a challenge to let out his anger. Firing his weapons to kill Devlin, Firefist was unaware of the boy's super power of energy reflection. Firefist's own blasts were mirrored right back at him, presumably killing him.
    After Devlin had left the scene and rejoined the Legion (as well as 'won' Veilmist from Firefist by defeating him in 'combat'), Firefist was presumed dead by the Legion. It was later revealed that he had been kept alive by his cybernetic systems. Though extremely damaged and missing many of his cybernetic parts, he was gradually repaired and put into service by the Khunds again. He participated in the Khundish murder of the villain Starfinger and later crossed paths with the Legion, hoping to get revenge on them for abandoning him. However, the Legion was able to escape thanks to the United Planets Militia Academy and Firefist was forced to retreat. He was last seen as part of a plot to destroy Weber's World, right before Firefist and the rest of the Glorithverse was wiped out of existence by the Zero Hour event.


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