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    Amanda serves as the newest Firebrand.

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    Amanda serves as the latest in the line of supervillains that had adopted the name of Firebrand. She was would be the first woman to take the name and was recruited by the Mandarin as part of scheme of revenge against Iron Man. After the Mandarin was killed, Firebrand began working was a mercenary and was also involved with Whirlwind though he broke the relationship. During the Builder crisis, she was one of many villains that were brought together by Spymaster who planned to attack Stark Tower in order to steal the Iron Man suits. This was with the idea that they would not be caught as Iron Man was busy with the Avengers in fighting off the extraterrestrial Builder threat. At Stark Tower, Spymaster stole a number of Iron Man armors and left Firebrand with her comrades behind to fight the heroes. They were later seemingly rescued by Spymaster with Titanium Man but were instead taken to an alien starship. There, it was revealed that the renegade Kree known as Captain Atlas was beneath the Titanium Man mask and had intended to use the armors as part of his plan to make a new Kree Empire. Firebrand with her comrades managed to escape capture where they battled Spymaster and Captain Atlas along with the remote controlled Iron Man armors. Iron Man himself would arrive at the scene after tracking down his stolen suits where with Firebrand and her comrades managed to defeat Spymaster with Captain Atlas. Amanda would later escape from the scene after defeating Spymaster when Blizzard froze himself and Iron Man thus preventing the superhero from capturing his allies.

    Powers & Abilities

    Amanda has been shown generating blasts of energy/fire without her suit, seeming to indicate that she is a metahuman. It has never been specified if she is a mutant, Inhuman, or metahuman.
    She has shown the power to generate heat/energy blasts, fly, and manipulate the heat energy she generates.


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