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Years ago when Lady Emerald was still a princess, she and several other Gemworld nobles were spirited off to a limbo of the dead. Before they escaped, a demonic creature set a seal of enchantment upon the princess. Years later, as Lady Emerald, she suffered a series of personal tragedies, the last and harshest being the loss of her eldest daughter at the hands of Dark Opal. These tragedies drove her mad. As the rebellion against the rule of Dark Opal escalated, the power of the House of Emerald was needed to tip the balance in favor of the alliance led by Princess Amethyst. But Lady Emerald was lost in her insanity. At last she was poisoned by her own vizier, for her death would transfer the power of the House to her oldest surviving daughter, who needed it in the battle against Opal. But her tale was not yet done. For, in the nameless limbo, her spirit was intercepted by the creature that had enchanted her long ago. That enchantment made her death different, less complete than most. Her spirit was desperate to return to life, and was encouraged by the little fiend, which had its own motives. The mystic power needed to revive her was so vast that it would require the destruction of the entire Gemworld, and yet her spirit sought that power. In the guise of Fire Jade, she, with the small demon masquerading as her familiar, attempted to undermine the magical underpinnings of Gemworld. At last Fire Jade was defeated by her middle daughter, Princess Emerald, and Amethyst. Fire Jade accepted her death, her fear passed, and after repairing the damage she had done, went peacefully with Citrina to her death.

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