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Fiona Page is an AC Comic's character. Created by she first appears in Venture Venture #1 released in 1986. Many of the details of the character when first introduced in the series were never followed any further. Unfortunately the story line of the team was never followed as A.C Comics stopped its publication.


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Fiona is a partner of the team calling itself Explorers Ltd, a small group of super powered or technology based characters who united to use their individual abilities to assist in the exploration of the unknown, unexplained happenings on other worlds and dimensions. Explorers, Ltd. consisted other partner's named Kevin Mondell, Stacey Williams and Mike Nesmith. These four super-powered explorers of the unknown for-hire just starting out and attempting to make a lucrative business in their travels.

Fiona and the other member's of Explorers, Ltd. balk at their employers’ demands that they act like respectable superheroes, in which Stacey flies of during a board meeting quitting the team. Fiona knows that while interpersonal tensions on the team begin to strain and take its effects on Stacy.

Characteristics and Appearance

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White

Height: 5'8"

Weight: Unknown

Identity: Secret Identity

Citizenship: New Orleans, United States

Occupation: Adventurer, Partner at Explorers, Ltd

Marital Status: Single

Base Of Operations: New Orleans, United States of America

Relatives: Terry (daughter)

Powers and Abilities

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Fiona is an elemental and her powers allow her to control the elements of nature, earth, air, fire, and water. Fiona has demonstrated she can open and close portals of her creating into other dimensions by creating a vortex with wind control. These portals allow her to pass instantly into apparently any dimension she has desired, at times having several opening and closing at various times and places. She become the "Exit" in most of her missions, being able to instantly leave a dire situation. As far as distance can be understood when opening or closing one of her portals by her powers they don't seem to have any, being able to open portals on our world or into other cross dimensional planes.


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