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Fiona (after her escape in KtE:28) then decided to have a relationship with Tails. But tragically ended soon after Fiona became in love with Sonic, infuriating Tails to the point where he didn't want to be friends any more. They soon made up again. But after Scourge the hedgehog came into the scene, Tails had over heard that Fiona was cheating on Sonic for Scourge. He didn't want to tell any one at first, but soon ended by telling amy the story. Amy was angry that Fiona cheated on Sonic and fought against her. Fiona the joined the Suppression Squad after words and became the queen of knothole after Scourge's latest hostile take over of Knothole.

Auto Fiona/False Fox

When Fiona was captured Robotnik made a robot duplicate of her. She was only known as Fiona. She was use to capture Tails

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