Character » Finn appears in 70 issues.

    A mysterious race known as the Newts control the whole of mankind, only Finn can pry loose their grip.

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    Created by Pat Mills and Carlos Ezquerra for Crisis launch series 'Third World War', Paul Finn eventually graduated to his own series in 2000AD (starting in prog 770). According to Pat Mills, Finn was liked so much by the readers that "David Bishop told me it actually surpassed Sláine in popularity, which doesn’t surprise me at all. But he refused any more Finn stories, claiming that it was too similar to Sláine. Can’t have too much paganism, apparently."


    Fighting against greedy businesses, evil aliens called Newts, and a dark god called Nosiron (whom he affectionately nicknames 'Frogspawn'). The Newts "believe they brought civilization to Earth many thousands of years ago when they separated humankind from nature. 21st Century humans like Finn, who believe modern society is unnatural, are to be eliminated!" But the Newts never succeed in eliminating Finn, because his coven and the powers it derives from the Goddess are too strong.


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