Finn Galfridian

    Character » Finn Galfridian appears in 21 issues.

    A Jedi with the unique ability to sense Yuuzhan Vong with the Force.

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    Finn Galfridian was a Force-sensitive Human male from the planet Artorias. He came from a wealthy family of four, his father Caled, mother Nina, and sister Kaye, and was soon sent to Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy on Yavin IV to train to become a Jedi Knight.

    Major Story Arcs


    "Your people will be taken to a safe world but, before you join them, I'd like you to come to Yavin 4 with me--to the Jedi Academy."

    "You think..?"

    "I know."

    -- Luke Skywalker talking to Finn about his Force sensitivity.

    Finn was on his home planet of Artorias when it was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong in the beginning of their invasion of the known galaxy. Finn was having fun performing handstands on a railing, much to the distaste of his father, in an attempt to combat his boredom when he and his father heard an explosion coming from a market in the city. The two of them gathered up some blasters and went searching for Finn's mother and sister, who had been shopping at the time. Finn wanted to fight back, believing the enemy numbers weren't too great, but was informed by his father that more enemies were incoming as the two of them looked up and saw a small ship coming to land. Finn and his father make their way to the shipyards only to find that all the ships have been sabotaged, preventing any of them from leaving and trapping them on the planet with the invaders.

    As Finn began working on fixing up the damaged ships and his father on defending the door from the attackers, the door opens to reveal Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, surrounded by dozens of defeated Vong warriors. Luke apologizes for not coming to Artorias's aid sooner because the New Republic is stretched too thin to completely counter the Vong's attack and informs Caled that he has evacuation ships in the forest for the citizens of Artorias. Caled chooses to stay behind in order to find the rest of his family but forces Finn to leave, telling him that Artorias will need a leader in the event that he fails. Finn reluctantly agrees and unknowingly uses the Force to assure Luke that his sister and mother are alive. Sensing that the young man was Force sensitive, Luke asked Finn to come to Yavin IV in order to train as a Jedi.

    Finn training with Jaina Solo.
    Finn training with Jaina Solo.

    On Yavin IV, one of Finn's earliest tests was to move a small rock with the Force. Staring at the rock for hours on end, Finn manages to lift it a few feet in the air and excitedly tells Luke that he passed this portion of the test. Luke simply smiles and moves a boulder larger than Finn on top of the rock and instructs him to move it again. Stumped and at a loss of how to accomplish this, Finn sits down for an extended period of time until fellow Jedi come to check up on him, Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin Solo and their friend Lowbacca. Anakin informs Finn that Luke does that trick to everyone so he shouldn't feel bad, and Jaina asks if he would rather sit there all day or leave and train with them instead. The group make their way to a training arena, where Finn duels against Jaina up on high beams and against training droids. Jaina congratulates him afterwards for a job well done for a rookie, and Finn soon learns that she is Luke's niece and the daughter of Rebellion heroes Han Solo and Leia Organa.

    The two of them are soon joined by Anakin as he informs them of a strange noise coming from a cave. Finn uses his droid Prowl and his goggles to control the droid and use it as his eyes, checking to see what was making the noise without endangering himself. What he finds in a cave is an enraged Tuk'ata with a splinter in its foot. Jacen is able to remove the splinter and calm the beast just as Jedi Masters Luke Skywalker, Kyp Durron, and Lar Le'Ung make their way to the scene. Durron and Le'Ung stay behind to set up safety measures while Luke comforts Finn after he feels bad for freezing up against the beast. Luke reminds him that his training had just started and that the other students have had more time to master their abilities, letting him know that his goal on Yavin IV is to learn and that's what he's trying to do. He leaves Finn back with his rock from earlier while he retreats to speak to Durron and Le'Ung about Finn's training and what shape and form it would take. As the Jedi Masters are told of an attack by the Yuuzhan Vong on the planet Rychel, Finn enters the room and throws his rock at their feet, letting them know he was able to lift the larger rock and pass his latest test.

    Finn picks up and uses Lar Le'Ung's lightsaber.
    Finn picks up and uses Lar Le'Ung's lightsaber.

    Finn accompanies Luke Skywalker and Lar Le'Ung to the planet in an effort to evacuate as many civilians as possible before the Yuuzhan Vong could decimate the population. Finn joins Luke to fight back on the ground while Le'Ung was sent to focus on large serpent-like siege creatures. As the battle drew near and end and nearly all of the civilians were able to be transported to evacuation ships, Le'Ung tries to urge his troops to fight against the fear that was emanating from the large creature but is stabbed in the back by a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, who are invisible to the Force and impossible to sense. As Le'Ung is thrown into the mouth of the creature, Finn picks up his fallen lightsaber and uses it in the fight afterwards to backup Luke.

    As Luke orders the retreat, Finn notices a small group of people trapped inside of a building and rushes over to save them, shooting down two Yuuzhan Vong before urging the people to move it out of there. Finn is however attacked by Tsalok who ignores the fact that the building is about to collapse and moves to kill Finn as quickly as possible but is interrupted when the ceiling caves in and seemingly crushes them both, along with the family Finn intended to save. He is able to survive the cave-in though and use his new skills in the Force to lift up pieces of debris in order to escape and get to the last ship. Finn then looks over at Tsalok, who is still trapped underneath a piece of rubble, and contemplates killing the Vong as payback for what they've done to his family and his home world. Instead, he cuts the debris off of the Vong and tells him to learn, surprising and impressing Luke who was watching from the ship.


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