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Finn Cooley was an IRA explosives expert who was caught one of his own demolitions, and subsequently had his face blown off. As a result of this, he wears a protective mask to help the tissue of his face stick back onto his skull. A figure of some status in the irish mob, Cooley is both respected and feared by his compatriots. He is shown to be incredibly skilled with weapons, in particular fragmentation and explosive devices (excluding the one that caused his disfigurement) and conventional firearms.

During the Kitchen Irish storyline of The Punisher MAX, he was determined to find a ten million stash left behind by a deceased mob boss. He was ready to kill anyone in his way to get the money, even his former allies, even The Punisher. His greed eventually led to his downfall. When him and the rest of the people after the money found the location, it turned out to be a bomb. Which killed everybody in the vicinity.

Other Media

Daredevil (Netflix Series)

This version of is referred to only as Fin and does not have his face burnt. He was the leader of the gang known as Kitchen Irish. He shows up in Hell's Kitchen after the death of his son. He reveals that Frank Castle had stolen 1.2 million dollars from him and planed to get it back. He and his men capture Frank and torture him, trying to get him to reveal the location of the money. Frank eventually talks when they threaten to torture his dog in front of him, revealing that the money is in a van and gives the address to its location. However, when Fin's men enter the van it explodes. Frank breaks free and shoots Fin in the head, killing him.

Punisher No Mercy (video game)

Fin Cooley appears as a boss in the Playstation Network exclusive, Punisher No Mercy.


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