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The Beginning

Finch kisses Dani.
Finch kisses Dani.

One day, upon finishing a dance class, Dani notices Finch looking a little upset. She walks over to the girl and asks her if anything is wrong or if she just needed someone to talk to. Finch accepts, and the two girls decide to go and get coffee at a local diner. Over the coffee, Finch explains why she's in New York. Her story is quite similar to Dani's in that she also moved to the city to pursue dancing further. She also Reveals that she was broke when she came to the city and ended up meeting a guy. The guy, named " Rock", quickly became Finch's boyfriend. She also Tells Dani that she's currently broke again and "Rock" wants to pimp her out. His idea was for her to work in a brothel just for a little while so that they could make enough money to live a little better.

Finch feels as if her boyfriend has done it before and explains all of that to Dani. Dani is shocked when she hears what Finch tells her and promises to help her out in anyway that she possibly can. A moment passes between the two of them and Finch rushes up and puts her lips against Dani's. Dani is shocked and asks her why she did that. Finch, embarrassed, takes off running out of the coffee shop, leaving Miss Baptiste to think about what just happened.

Sometime later on, Dani and Finch both confront Rock on what he wants Finch to become. Dani grabs him by the throat and then becomes taken over by the Witchblade. Soon her entire body is completely covered and Rock is choking beneath her clutch as Finch watches in horror. The man standing near Finch at the time grabs her and points a gun to her head. He demands that Dani release Rock, but before she can, the man shoots at Dani. The bullet misses her and instead hits Rock square in the temple, killing him instantly. The man and Finch both run in fear, Leaving Dani with the body and Finch with knowledge of the Witchblade. Dani then rushes to Sara Pezzini for help and what to do next about Finch. The conversation leads to a heated argument with ill words exchanged between Dani and Sara.

After the incident with Rock Finch, moves in with Dani. Finch still harbors romantic feeling for her but is not pressing the issue at the moment. Dani explains that while she feels something for her new roommate she does not yet know what those feelings are as until recently she always thought of herself as heterosexual. One morning she wakes up thinking Dani is with her only to come face to face with the Angelus entity. Dani hears Finch's scream but when she arrives it has gone. Dani and Finch go seek out the Curator who explains that the Angelus is most likely searching for its new host now that Celestine is dead.

Healing Dani
Healing Dani

While Dani and Sara were fighting to the death to take control of the Witchblade and restore the lost balance, the Angelus once again appears before Finch. In the moment that Sara runs Dani through with her blade, the Angelus appears in Dani's house and easily possesses Finch. Finch, now a bearer of the Angelus Force, travels to the Brooklyn Bridge to engage the bearer of the Witchblade (as Sara has now claimed the half possessed by Dani).

Finch and the Angelus host dispatch the dark creations of the Witchblade and the Angelus reveals that it simply used Finch as a vessel to deliver the Angelus power to Dani. Finch, still possessing the Angelus power raises Dani from the ground and transfers her power to its intended with a kiss.

Danielle, now the Angelus restores the balance to the Witchblade and the two make amends. Danielle decides to return to her home in New Orleans and Finch goes with her so the two can see what will become of their relationship.

New Orleans, New Life

Finch moves to New Orleans with Dani where they rent a home together. Later that night, they are attacked by a feline monster that Dani destroys. Afterwards some Angelus Warriors show up with Sabine and Dani goes with them leaving Finch alone in the alley where two thugs later come and try to rape her, only for Dani to return and scare them off.

During Mardi Gras, Dani and Finch go have a coffee with Dani's dad but while Finch and Dani's dad are talking she is taken to the alley by Jackie Estacado's Darklings where they begin to fight. They take the fight to the streets and Finch sees them and chases them to an alley. As Dani is about to be ripped apart, Finch shows up and punches Jackie surprising him and his minions with her guts,with Dani seizing the moment and fighting back. After the fight Finch and Dani return home where they kiss and are interrupted by Dani's father who is shocked as he didn't knew about their relation.

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