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Finch at one point began to work for LexCorp and rose through the ranks, becoming head of security. Finch appeared to be in some kind of a relationship with Ms. Jessop but it is unknown whether this was romantic or not.


Michael Finch was created by Paul Cornell and Pete Woods for the Lex Luthor centred series: The Black Ring. He was named after David Finch, who drew the covers for the series.

Major Story Arcs

The Black Ring

Finch accompanied Lex Luthor to Antarctica in pursuit of the Black Ring domes, acting as his personal security. He was overheard talking with Ms. Jessop about Lex's Lois Lane Robot by Spalding (Luthor's personal assistant) who reminded them that they're paid 5x more than their opposite numbers not just because they're good at their job.

Finch then went on to accompany Luthor to Uganda, where they came into contact with Gorilla Grodd. Finch was almost killed whilst on this job but managed to escape with his life. Finch, along with several other LexCorp employees (Including Jessop, Spalding and Sebastien Mallory), were taken hostage by Vandal Savage but ultimately survived. Finch, after trying to protect Luthor, was taken hostage by Larfleeze who ordered that Lex hand over a device or he'll kill Finch. However, Lex killed Finch himself to prove that he really doesn't care about other's lives.


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