Final Crisis- A SPOILER FILLED Analysis

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Now, i believe I have unraveled the secret of Final Crisis. First, lets see the poster.

As we can see, it shows Supes, Batman, Flash, GL Hal Jordan, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman.

Now, as for what everyone wants to know, WHO DIES?

Well, we can rule out Superman. Tried that and failed. Flash? Already semi-done, but maybe to follow Barry's steps? Hawkman? Who cares. Wonder Woman? Why? No good reason to. But that leaves one. BATMAN WILL DIE. His presence on the poster coupled with the return of Todd and the last panel in All-Flash gives all the clues you need.

Then, who comes next? Capt. and Mary Marvel. They have both gone through tremendous change, not to mention new costumes and personalities, plus Black Adam and Freddy will probably become the new Shazam-Marvel pair.

JSA you ask? No one. Not even KC Superman. They have too much stock in those characters to take them out now. Maybe sometime after... but not for now.

Another Titan will die. It's a given, they're just falling like flies now. Lets pray it's not Kid Devil or Robin or Wonder Girl or Supergirl or Miss Martian... just kill Ravager.

Magic plays a HUGE part here. It's already been called "DC's Lord of the Rings" and the new age of magic is firing up now. My guess is that Dr. Fate kicks some major Eclipso ass, and with the recent revelation that Eclipso is from Apokalips, I smell a New Gods crossover.

Speaking of which, which one of the gods lives? Orion. The poster, again, says it all (srry, no link available). Darkseid stands over everyone's dead body, and Orion reaches up from behind him with a determined look. The other possibility is Metron. He goes back in time and undoes all of it probably.

Well, for now, that's all anyone needs to know about Final Crisis. Enjoy!

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#2 Posted by Methos (40531 posts) - - Show Bio

My money's on Wally for death...


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#3 Posted by Eternal Chaos (23185 posts) - - Show Bio

Didn't Wally die? If he didn't expect a thread mourning his death from Spectrum.

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#4 Posted by Golem (797 posts) - - Show Bio

Anyone else?

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#5 Posted by Darkchild (42451 posts) - - Show Bio

if Wally dies i will be so ungodly pissed.

well im off cya

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#6 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

Methos says:

"My money's on Wally for death... M"
NO! He is my favorite Flash.
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#7 Posted by Nighthunter (29571 posts) - - Show Bio

Wally won't die because since bart is gone there is noone to fill in

and for the part of batman I agree (I said it in the DC universe talk post)

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