Final Crisis #7

    Final Crisis » Final Crisis #7 - New Heaven, New Earth released by DC Comics on March 2009.

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    The dramatic finale to the epic, seven-part saga of the DC multiverse concludes with an apocalyptic battle for the soul of humanity that must be seen to be believed! Can the heroes of 52 Earths save the multiverse? And is the only way to save it, to change it forever?

    On an alternate Earth the African American President of the United States gathers information on the Red skies surrounding his Earth he goes into the oval office and removes his suit showing a Superman costume underneath making him that world's Superman. This Superman and that world's Wonder Woman Nubia see a mysterious and possibly supernatural spaceship arrive. Inside the spaceship is Renee Montoya (wearing her Question mask, hat and a new costume), the Captain Marvel of Earth 5 and other alternate Supermen.

    The Watchtower is shown as the universe breaks down Lois Lane narrates as she recalls how Earth 44 collided with their Earth and battled with the Metal Men and Doc Tornado of Earth 44.

    Lois Lane then says how she wrote the final edition of the Daily Planet that details the entire story of the battle with Darkseid it is placed inside a rocket and blasted off. The final events of the battle with Darkseid are shown:

    Superman still holding Batman's body confronts an injured Darkseid but is hesitant to do anything to him as he recognizes the body he is in as Dan Turpin's Superman is then attacked by all the humans in Darkseid's control. Darkseid pulls out a gun about to shoot Superman with it Barry Allen and Wally West lead The Black Racer to Darkseid which severely injures Darkseid further. Multiple events are then shown occurring at the same time. The returned Aquaman is shown defending Atlantis. Checkmate fights off Darkseid's forces until their defeat. Ray Palmer and Ryan Choi attempt to reach a alternate Earth but are held back as the interdimensional tunnel is damaged and shuts down. Black Canary and a cured Green Arrow are seen drifting inside a powered down Watchtower as The Ray uses his powers to write the freedom symbol over the planet. The Super Young Team try to survive as the interdimensional tunnel breaks down further. Hawkman and Hawkgirl attempt to stop the tunnel before it closed down are caught in its explosion.

    At Some point after this ended Superman and the remaining heroes and villains began building the Miracle Machine. As Supergirl told various surviving children in the Watchtower the defeat of Darkseid:

    Renee Montoya arrives on New Earth with the group of alternate Supermen Renee then tells Overman that his cousin Overgirl died he is then seen clutching her body crying.

    Superman who is staring down Darkseid is confronted by the Female Furies (an Anti-Life infected Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Giganta and Batwoman) and the Justifiers. Then Lex Luthor and Sivana along with the mind controlled Secret Society arrive to help Superman and The Resistance against Darkseid's forces. At Some unspecified point in the battle Wonder Woman was freed and strung Darkseid with her magic lasso removing him from Dan Turpin's body.

    Inside The Watchtower all the survivors are transformed into microscopic cells and placed inside a freezer in the Miracle Machine except Superman who is to activate the Miracle Machine and Supergirl who leaves to check on any other survivor.

    Superman is then confronted by the bare consciousness of Darkseid without a body. Superman tells Darkseid of how everything is just vibrations and how they can be canceled out by counter-vibrations he screams some musical note and kills Darkseid.

    Superman then sees Metron's abandoned Mobius Chair and pulls Element X from the chair something that can take any shape he loads it up in the Miracle Machine but hears then sees Mandrakk the Dark Monitor accompanied by a now vampire Ultraman holding Supergirl over his shoulder. Mandrakk tells Superman that he now wishes to feed on Superman as he shows The Spectre and The Radiant defeated and drained of power saying there is no light to power the Miracle Machine. Superman then uses the solar energy in his body to activate the Miracle Machine. As the Green Lantern Corps come near Earth the alternate Supermen all arrive to fight Ultraman and the Mandrakk.

    The events are then narrarated by Nix Uaton he arrived the alternate Supermen and used his powers to summon Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew, the Last Angel army of God, The Forever People of the Fifth World (The Super Young Team) and the Green Lantern Corps all of whom simultaneously blast Mandrakk and Ultraman with their combined powers with Hal Jordan delivering the killing blow to Mandrakk.

    Lois Lane narrates as she describes Earth surviving the Crisis and life beginning to recover.

    Narraration then goes to Nix Uaton who describes to the other Monitors that the Multiverse returned to normal by the alternate Supermen and Green Lantern Corps.

    He explains that Apokolips was recreated as New Genesis and home to the Forth World and the returned good New Gods and implies that they will that they will guide the recently destroyed Earth-51 (now home to Kamandi and many of the animal people of Command-D gene station), restoring it to prosperity and peace. Nix then says that it was the interference of the Monitors that threatened the Multiverse and says the time has come for them to step down.

    Nix Uotan then goes to talk to Weeja Dell, his former lover, and says that the Final Crisis is for the Monitors he tells her how her face in his dreams gave him strength and kisses her on her forehead as the Monitors' realm starts to end. She asks what did Superman wish for with the Miracle Machine and he says "a happy ending". Nix then wakes up in his room on New Earth and hears on the radio that the people of Earth discovered the Multiverse.

    Anthro is seen as an old man still holding the torch Metron gave him and still wearing the freedom symbol on his face he carves the freedom symbol on a cave wall in the distance there is the rocket ship launched from the Watchtower. Anthro smiles then passes away as Batman appears. He places his belt on Anthro and starts carving the Batman symbol on the cave wall.


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    If "Lost" was comic.... 0

    Okay, I have read this issue, and for a awhile, I hard to to think of it. I found that the concept of the DC Universe going to hell mirrors how the bad the comic book itself has gotten, a sort of an artistic kind of thing you can expect from Morrison,  but it still seem rather empty with a hype and exceptions of almost 2 years in the making. I still feel like Morrison wrote himself in corner, expanding his ideas while forgetting the 7 issue limit (which I feel is an insult to the first Crisis ev...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    I collected 52 and countdown for this? 0

    After finishing the pages of Final Crisis I am wondering if I missed out on something. This issue seems to be the worsted out of the lot. Apart from the Legion of Three Worlds I've finished all the cross overs recommended and just cannot put my finger on this one. The art work was good, I'll give it that for a pro, but I was mostly disappointed with this issue. They dug up the Zoo Crew, but why if they did nothing? Didn't seem like all those multiverse supermen did much either, other than give t...

    0 out of 4 found this review helpful.
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