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Since I have yet to read anything written by Grant Morrison that is what is seems, I simply am stuck in that pathetic "Denial" stage of the five stages of bereavement. I refuse to acknowledge that Batman and Bruce Wayne are dead. This is the ending of the Batman RIP storyline (naturally DC pissed off a lot of people by having the ending in a crossover book, not Batman) so I am supposed to accept it at face value. It ends tragically with Superman holding the rather "melted" looking corpse of Batman. Can we be sure that something didn't save him at the last second and that this corpse is someone else? Can we be sure that Superman (or another speedster) won't get Bruce to the Lazarus Pits to bring him back? No we can't assume any of those are out of the realm of possibilities. Thus, I refuse to mourn just yet.

The art was ok but not my favorite. All in all, I was surprised to find that my favorite part of the issue was Mary Marvel's involvement. She just sort of stood out more than the death of my all-time favorite character. And what the heck was that on Wonder Woman's face? Whatever - I gave up on her months ago!

Not strong with writing; adequate art and style -- the only reason to get it is to say you read the death of Batman. Save a few bucks and borrow someone else's copy.

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