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Googam, currently is bored with his current job--a parking valet--in Washington D.C. One evening they have a local celebrity (Donna Angel) visit their restaurant. Donna is a singer, actress, philanthropist, and swimsuit model so Googam and his buddy are all googly-eyed over her--both for her riches and looks. While Donna goes inside to eat dinner they devise a plan to get at some of her riches. They all know that she has a softspot for "exotic" orphans and frequently wants to adopt them into her home. So, Googam decides to play the part of an exotic ailen orphan for when Donna comes out. Shortly thereafter, Donna emmerges from the restaurant and sees him in a diaper and crying. Googam claims to be an alien orphan and in need of a home. Donna quickly calls her lawyer and magically adopts him on the spot and takes him with her back to New York. Thinking it is going to be easy for him while in her house he starts taking advantage of the other orphans in the house by convincing them to do all of his chores and cater to his every bidding. The next day the nanny (Hidlegaard) comes in to check on the kids and is a mean woman. Googam doesn't take kindly to this and gives her a hard time. Hildegaard catches up to Googam and begins to paddle his behind just as Donna returns from her trip. Donna, after seeing the nanny paddle Googam fires her on the spot. As Hildegaard is walking away, Googam begins to taunt her and lets slip that he's the "son of Doom". Donna catches this and then realizes what he's done..he's no orphan. She then kicks him out of the house and he returns to his parking valet job--back to square one.

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