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    Character » Film Freak appears in 31 issues.

    A film obsessed villain. Burt Weston debuted in the same month in Batman #395 and Detective Comics #562 .

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    Burt Weston

    A failing actor that portrayed quirky villains, Film Freak decided he'd make a better one in real life. He committed every crime known in films so therefore the Gotham Newspapers named him Film Freak, to which the name stuck. When a female reporter found out his identity, Weston stalks her in a similar way to a main character in Psycho, named Norman Bates. Film Freak starts to murder his fellow associates, until he's caught by Harvey Bullock and Batman.

    In the Knightfall story line, Film Freak is controlled by the Mad Hatter and is killed by Bane.


    In the Year One story line of Catwoman, Film Freak is a TV show host. He manages to deduce Catwoman's identity and later kidnaps her daughter with the help of Angle Man. They are defeated quite easily, and have their mind's wiped of Catwoman's identity by Zatanna. Zatanna then orders them to confess their crimes.

    Angle Man turns himself in, but Edison interprets the order differently. He says "I have crimes to confess ... crimes against cinema", a goes on a killing spree, murdering people in ways that relate to classic movies, like King Kong and The Public Enemy. He eventually stole a nuclear weapon and killed all the people in a tv studio, so he could broadcast his nuclear threat. He sets the bomb up in a movie palace. However, his plan fails when Catwoman defeats him, and defuses the bomb.


    While neither of the Film Freaks have powers both are shown to be intelligent though mentally unstable.


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