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    Basic Blows

    Fight-Man, aka Frank Bigelow, is a super hero who Agent X [Alex Hayden] encounters on a job he is helping his boss/hit coordinator, Sandi asks for help on, to take out a hit behalf or Beverly Lacoco, who is Fight-Man's wife.. He's first seen in Agent X 10, when Sandi is letting Alex know that Fight-Man is being put under because he is a domestic offender. Sandi, with Hayden's help, use a sniper rifle to shoot Fight-Man in the head while he sleeps.Alex wake the next day to find Sandi is gone and, while confirming their kill, find that his body is not there. Alex gets a call from Sandi and finds she has been captured by Beverly and will be killed if he doesn't kill Frank. When Alex finds frank in his home he shoots him multiple times only to have all the bullets ricochet and hit himself. Fight-Man ties up Alex and tells him about his past revealing that he was a major superhero until he went to prison after fourteen of his teenage sidekicks had died. He was charged with "wrongful death, endagering a minor, destruction of public property, and flying while intoxicated. Frank is now forbidden by law to use his powers or be near minors. After Frank's wife sends several henchmen to attack Frank, Alex and Frank decide to go and save Sandi instead of trying to kil Frank. Alex and Frank fight their way through several henchmen to a climactic battle with Beverly, who has been endowed with superpower. She is quickly dispached by one of her henchmen who fell from the sky. In keeping with his own code, and to try and get in the parole board's good graces, Fight-man attempts to arrest Alex but has his pants ripped off and runs off embaressed. He is then crushed by a bulding vowing to get his revenge some day.

    Fight-Man, sleeps with a teddy bear, is suicidal... except for the fact he cannot kill himself because he has Superman type abilities without the Kryptonite. Agent X, gets Fight-man's green light on trying to end his life and Agent X get's to trying. Alex tries, Beheading with a saw, hitting him with a car, acid's, electrocution, flamethrower, hanging, and bombs. Fight-Man's parents died while he was in prison. He also has a massive collection of super people memorabilia, including Alex Hayden's right arm, which he sells. Fight man has proven to be very oblivious to his surroundings while battling, damaging friends and enemies alike.

    Fight-Man also morally binds himself to never kill a living thing, this contradicts his own desire to end his own life. And although he refuses to let Agent X kill anyone else, Fight-Man encourages Alex to aid him in ending his own life. He also has a code against hitting women, which proved a big weakness in the final battle with his wife.


    Invulnerability- Fight-man's body is virtually indestructible and therefor fight-man cannot be injured or killed by any exterior physical means. While shown to lose teeth after fights, the only injuries that seemed to incapacitate him were entire buildings falling on top of him.

    Flight- Fight-man has the ability to fly at very fast speeds. How fast, and the means through which he can fly are not explained.

    Super Strength- Fight-man has super-human strength, the limit to which is not known,


    Hand to hand combat- Fight-man is an above average fighter.


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