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Fifty-One is an extraterrestrial of unrevealed origin.


Fifty-One was created by Christopher Yost and Khoi Pham. His first appearance was in Scarlet Spider #7 (September 2012).

Scarlet Spider: Lone Star

The alien being dubbed Fifty-One debuts as a member of the southwestern superhero team known as the Rangers. It aids the team in attempting to bring in the vigilante Scarlet Spider, at the behest of Roxxon's Houston branch. Despite the initial conflict, Fifty-One helps bring the heroes together after uncovering dead bodies buried within one of Roxxon's oil platforms - bodies being burned out by the alien creature known as Mammon. Attempting to probe its mind, Fifty-One deems Mammon to be too alien (even for itself) and assists the Rangers and Scarlet Spider in defeating the being.


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