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    Conan's mother.

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    Fialla was a Cimmerian woman; wife of Conaldar and daughter of Connacht. It is not unusual for Cimmerian women to go to war along with the men of the tribe. Fialla was present during a border skirmish between the Cimmerians and a rival tribe of Vanir when she went into labor. The men of the tribe encircled her to protect her while she gave birth to Conan. This was considered a great omen and it was prophesied that the child would one day be a great warrior.

    Life and Death of Conan

    Fialla gives birth to Conan in Cimmeria among the sunless land's hard rugged hills and gloomy woods. She cuts the cord with her dagger surrounded by the corpses of northern raiders and the low, doleful war cries of her coarse and cheerless clansman.


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