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DOOM Comes to the FF

In a brilliant move Hickman hinted at in Fantastic Four #583, Doom has arrived and some members of the Future Foundation are not happy.

The Good 

Can Doctor Doom work side-by-side with the FF? There has been moments in the past but from the opening pages, you see what a jerk Doom can be, especially when bantering with the Thing. Doom is their #1 enemy and now they are forced to work together as a result of a deal made between Doom and Valeria. 

Hickman shows us that this is clearly a different book compared to Fantastic Four. We may not get a lot of action here but the dialogue and interactions are so incredible. You really feel the hate and tension between Ben and Doom. Sue reminds us how powerful she is. Spider-Man is able to demonstrate he's a smart guy too as well as a smart ass. We also get more insight into what the FF will be doing and what the process is when the brains meet to make their plans. 

Steve Epting has the task of drawing a lot of different characters. His art along with Paul Mounts' colors further captures the vibe going on throughout the story. Without gushing, his art is just so good. You'll want to look at the pages over again after reading.

The Bad 

I've always had a fondness for the Fantastic Four. It was one of the first series I started really collecting comics. Hickman manages to capture the family/fun/adventure angle of the series. When Hickman is paired with Epting, there just doesn't seem to be much to complain about. The book was fun and I found myself gobbling up every bit of detail as I turned each page.

The Verdict 

Back in Fantastic Four #583, I wondered what Valeria's encounter with Doom would bring. Is there any way he could work side-by-side with the FF? Hickman shows us how this series is not the Fantastic Four. Even though there isn't a lot of superhero/comic book action, this issue is crammed with content. We get to see the further characterization of everyone and Hickman manages to capture the essence of all involved. Doom is here for a reason and we get to see it. The same goes with Spider-Man. Some have voiced concerns of his addition being more of a stunt but the way he's portrayed here gives him a different kind of depth we don't usually get to see in his own title. Simply put, Hickman and Epting deliver a fantastic comic and you'll find yourself looking at the pages again after reading just to enjoy the experience all over again.

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