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Not too shabby...

A cover that spoils the interior content is ruinous and kind of sucks, even if it's as cool as this one is. 
The Good: 
This issue has terrific storytelling.  Hickman can tell a story like it's nobody's business and it's very evident here why he's one of the best at what he does.  As others have mentioned, the character development has been the strongest suit of this series, and it continues to shine in this issue.  The scenes with Ben Grimm and Alicia are great; it's good to see that Hickman hasn't forgotten about Johnny, but that he isn't having the team dwell about it too long, since there are other important matters to attend to.  Every panel in this comic, and the series so far, is very important. 
The Bad: 
That said, for someone who hasn't religiously kept up with the previous Fantastic Four run, there may be a lot of this that are really confusing in this issue.  I also felt that the way things were handled in old Atlantis was very anti-climactic and handled very swiftly and hence poorly.  I think we could've had maybe one more issue from what was happening there alone.
The last few pages get crazy, but if you're not all too familiar with the FF, you might get lost like me.  I had to do a little bit of backtracking and research to understand the importance of the order of events of certain things.  The art is, however, very good and the character development and their interactions continue to shine in this issue. 

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