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The Good

When the relaunch of this title was first announced, even though Matt Fraction and Mike Allred were attached, I did question the choice of characters for the new Fantastic Four. That is clearly part of the charm of the title. We have seen different incarnations and variations of the team in the past but seeing this team try to get together is different. Having the kids in the Future Foundation adds another layer to the experience as well.

Fraction mixes things up in this issue. Last issue the newly formed team were visited by a strange man with a unbelievable claim. As that mystery is delved into, we also have the humor that comes along with the kids and other characters. Fraction is a pro at sneaking in moments of humor without making it feel forced.

The humor and action is enhanced by Mike Allred's art. Whether it's someone standing up and discovering they have a sore back or a good old fashion chase down a several flights of stairs, Allred's art will grab your attention. There's something about the way he draws eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and all that and you can feel the emotions of the characters when we zoom in. Other details such as Darla wiping a mirror after taking a hot shower or the disguise the Yancy Street Gang uses are priceless.

It's not often reading a comic actually puts a smile on my face.

The Bad

The only problem I had with this issue is the same as this month's FANTASTIC FOUR. I'm not crazy about the inclusion of an actual date. Both stories take place during New Year's Eve. Including the fact that it's 2013 will date both stories.

The Verdict

Each issue gets better and better. We have a bit of a mystery developing and the team has decided to take on a major mission. This likely won't go well as they're still trying to stick together as a team. Matt Fraction continues to weave the elements of the story while also inserting plenty of bits of humor that simply makes reading this comic fun. The same goes for Mike Allred's art and Laura Allred's colors. It's a visual feast that fits perfectly with Fraction's script. We may not have any earth-shattering battles or events in this issue but the build up for the next issue along with the wacky events that occur here makes this my favorite comic of the week. It's such a fun and entertaining comic. That's what I want and I definitely got my $3 worth.

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