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Epilogue. The Fallout of the Forever and Doom storylines. A new direction for the Future Foundation and Marvel's First Family.


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This is Why I Read Comics 0

Ever since the return of the Fantastic Four title, FF has kind of taken the back seat to the main story. So, I'm just going to let you know that if you haven't been keeping up with FF, thinking it's now the background to the Fantastic Four, go get this issue.While not action packed, it's a fun read from Valeria's perspective. There is an amazing twist at the end, bringing back a concept I was originally excited about but eventually forgot. The future has become a dangerous place.It's been a long...

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Solitary No More 0

Highly Recommended!Though this was mostly a filler issue, it did contribute quite a bit to the ongoing story and tied up a lot of loose ends that had been left dangling from a few issues back. The theme of this issue is "picking up the pieces". Once again the FF attempt to get things back in order after a long and exhausting fight to save earth. And as the relationship between future Franklin and Galactus grows, the personality cracks between future Val and present Val begin to widen. I am surpr...

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FF #16 0

One Step Beyond Summary Valeria is jealous of the fact that Future Franklin saved the day and Future Valeria didn't do anything. Future Franklin and Galactus have a conversation about the end of the universe. The Fantastic Four, Future Foundation and the Avengers clean up Manhattan and send the debris into the Negative Zone. Reed reconstructs the Baxter Building. After Reed gives a tour of the new and improved Baxter Building, he reveals new uniforms for the team. Reed takes everyone up...

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