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A Galactic Empire is born as the war of Four Cities comes to a close. What does it mean for Marvel's First Family?

The Baxter Building... The Future Foundation kids are tinkering with a machine in the lab when Mr. Fantastic spots them. Valeria Richards tries to convince her dad it's a class project but Reed obviously realises they're building an extension to the translocator. Reed says they'll talk about this later and then explains he's decided to listen to Sue and call their their friends... all of them!

Attilan... The Mad Thinker and Diablo watch from behind a protective screen as a group of Kree soldiers led by Ronan covertly enter the Inhuman capital city. Leonus spots the aliens and attacks but is knocked out by Ronan. Crystal briefly show concern about her fellow Inhuman and asks her husband how he plans to restore the Empire. The Kree move towards their target and within a heavily fortified cell find captured two of the Interdimensional Council of Reeds.

The Cult of The Negative Zone... Anti-Priest tells Annihilus newly hatched drones are ready for another annihilation wave to be launched and a device to bridge a portal between this world and the negative zone is also complete. Back in the Baxter Building Reed apologises for his past behavior and for not calling his friends for help earlier. He thanks them for answering his call now and a gathering of heroes listen to Mr. Fantastic and Captain America explain their plan to reach a resolution with the Inhumans. Meantime The Thing is teased into annoyance by She-Hulk and The Invisible Woman who are told to keep it down by Spidey!

The Forever City... Ronan passes judgement over the two captured Reeds and reveals that his Universal Weapon hides the Supremor Seed. As the seed swirls around the Reeds and entangles them, they are kicked into a power source. Whilst falling the seed completes its implantation and merges with the Reeds to rebirth the Supreme Intelligence! On regaining consciousness the Supreme Intelligence states his consciousness is expanded now containing parallel dimensions. He then asks Ronan where his army is. In the Baxter Building, the heroes prepare to depart for Attilan when Iron Man points up in disbelief. The New York sky is covered with ships of the Kree Armada!

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