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What Will The Future Bring For The FF? 0

The death of the Human Torch changed things for the Fantastic Four. Now that they're looking towards tomorrow, what will they do differently?  The Good From the beginning you get a sense of the grand scope of where Hickman and Epting want to take the series. When I first heard that the Fantastic Four series was ending and leading into the Future Foundation, I had my obvious doubts. Reading this issue, this is the only way I can see the series going. With what they're out to accomplish, it almost...

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Welcome to The Club 0


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From someone who never read Fantastic Four 0

Marvel comics grabbed my allegiance at a young age mainly because they had the best cartoons on T.V. and that was my only access to the comic world. So as an Adult when I finally moved from my small town without a comic book shop to a large city, with multiple great shops in my neighborhood, I had made it a point to try and know as much about the Marvel universe as I could. Yet for some reason I never got around to reading anything with the Fantastic Four name on it, until I heard about the FF. ...

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Future Foundation Is Here 0

   Cover I did not love the art for the cover. I did not really like how Sue and Reed looked in it. Reed looked tan and Sue looks like a teenage girl. Story Johnny has died and the Fantastic Four has to deal with it. The Thing deals with it by thinking it is his fault and Sue and Reed deal with it by keeping them busy. Spider-man is the replacement for Johnny because Johnny said that is who he wanted for his replacement. The Fantastic Four is now called the Future Foundation and they have ...

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Spider-Man joins the Future Foundation 0

Johnny Storm AKA The Human Torch is dead, and his last wish was that Peter Parker take his place on Marvel's First Family, The Fantastic Four. Now going under the name of the Future Foundation, Reed and Sue Richards welcome Peter with open arms and a stylish new suit in their attempt to keep the family strong. Peter has always been like a brother to Johnny and the unspoken fifth member of the Fantastic Four. As the family tries to deal with losing their fallen member, Peter tries to find his pla...

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Another FF #1 Review 0

This issue marks the end of the Fantastic Four and the beginning of the Future Foundation. I've been expecting this for quite some time now. It also marks the inclusion of Spider-Man as a member of the team. Although I am not the biggest fan of Spider-Man, I've always enjoyed his interactions with the Fantastic Four.  That being said, I guess it was his interactions with Johnny that I really enjoyed. This issue sure sets the mood of the mourning of Johnny's death, so we don't get to see the full...

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Future Foundation #1, Building a New FF 0

With the death of the Human Torch, the Fantastic Four are four no more! However, though the death of the Torch is held greatly by Johnny Storm's old teammates, a brand new era is about to begin. While Torch can never be replaced by any superhero in the community, that doesn't mean the Fantastic Four won't continue to fight the good fight. The death of the Torch led to the disbanding of the Fantastic Four, but it's replacement is something even greater! The Future Foundation is building a brand n...

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Future Fantastic! 0

What can I even say? It was amazing! Truly Amazing! And if you go and read any of my other reviews you'll know I don't give that kind of praise out too easily.  I was honestly expecting it to be just Fantastic Four in new costumes.  But it was so much more!  First of all lets deal with the obvioous, Spider-man.  I knew he was coming to the team and I was fine with it but to make it Johnny's last request was so touching I almost cried (which I almost did several time in this and the final Fantast...

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I know what everyone wants 0

And that's another review of FF 1.  Actually there are a lot of reviews already on the site, but I thought I would throw my two cents in (of which about 1.98 cents has already been covered by others.)  I do read Fantastic Four occasionally, so unlike the X-men issue I picked up tonight the characters aren't as foreign to me.  Some people have complained about the inclusion of Spider-man into the group.  I personally don't see any reason why not.  He is one of the most effective Marvel heroes, pl...

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VidReview #4 - FF # 1 0

My fourth video review and my first attempt at reviewing a recently released comic.    ...

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World in Black & White 0

Plans to save the world and make it a better future? Check. Cool costumes to replace the old ones, now that the team is missing (permanentlly?) on of it´s founding members? Check. Old nemesis organization trying to renew itself by releasing one of Reed´s oldest enemies? Check. Dinner table so everyone can tell about their day after saying grace? Check. Father and daughter having ideological problems, Grandfather remembering father that he can´t stop her future? Check. So, this was a very nice in...

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Life After Storm 0

 I have not been keeping up with Marvel's First Family until recently and was saddened by the hype, uhm, I mean news about the death of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.   The way it ended with him sacrificing himself before hordes of beings bent on overrunning the Earth was cool, but why didn't he just "nova" and wipe them out?   I am hopeful that this is a temporary comic book death.   Even so, the Torch has been around since 1961 and a Golden Age version years before that, so this is indeed the ...

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3rd Generation Unstable Molucles 0

THE COVER I got the regular cover.Personally I thought it was a good cover showing all the team of FF   THE STORY The story is great.I never read fantaticfour but im lovin future foundation.The issues more about the set up like spidey joining and invisible women explaining how the can change there costumes by thinking about it. Then the issue end on a cliffhanger with Doctor Doom Joining .VERDICTAmazing get it 5 Out of 5...

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Terraforming the moon is a bad idea, even if you're Reed Richards 0

I'll admit from the get-go that I'm somewhat of a newcomer to the world of the Fantastic Four, but in reading this issue I didn't really feel like that was an obstacle in enjoying it. It goes without saying that I was somewhat confused as to who the heck the fishbowl-head people were, not to mention the yellow-skinned aliens and the purple dragon thingie, but it's not as if the characters I didn't recognize were given much attention anyways, so it wasn't that bothersome (heck, I read the X-men a...

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Classic #1, slow in parts, but interesting enough to keep going. 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!sp      ...

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A great start to a new book 0

So I read issue #3 first and I was VERY confused.  (It was the oldest issue my local comic shop had) Reading issue #1 now, I can see the setup a lot better, although there's still a lot that needs to be explained.  The parts with Ben were pretty heavy on the emotion in a great way.  The team is doing their best to deal with Johnny's death.    The writing is top notch.  I LOVE the artwork in this series.  The ONLY complaint I have is that the art is a little hard to follow in the fights.  I found...

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Pouring the Foundation 0

Recommended!While I did jump in at Fantastic Four #600, I decided it might be a good idea to step back and take a look at the FF series (a much more attainable near-term goal than trying to read hundreds of Fantastic Four back issues). Obviously, this issue picks up after the infamous Fantastic Four 588, so I knew why Johnny was missing - but beyond that my mind and expectations were wide open. Needless to say, I didn't have much of a clue (outside what I could glean from four line intro page) w...

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