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    Member of 3rd incarnation of Doom Patrol with the power to increase molecular vibration.

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    When businessman Thayer Jost acquired the rights to the Doom Patrol name, he set about finding some new members. No one knows how he found Shyleen Lao, or how he recruited her to join his new team. The youngest member of the reformed Doom Patrol, Shyleen's developing heat powers remained erratic, possibly because she was still maturing or because she was untrained. For a brief time she had some control under Robotman but left on her own still struggling with control issues. Shyleen was a complex mix of gumption and adolescent fear. She liked being part of the team amd facing great danger but could also be easily terrified by those same threats.
    Shyleen floated around the DC Universe since then, until she was captured, brainwashed, and conditioned to fight for the Dark Side Club. She was shot in the head by Club subordinates when her opponent, Ravager, would not kill her after defeating her in battle.

    A future version of Shyleen appeared as a member of Lex Luthor's Titans Army in Teen Titans #52. This adult counterpart of Shyleen was named Pandemic, sporting red hair, glasses, and greater control over her abilities. Although since her death in the Terror Titans miniseries, it is likely this counterpart was erased from history.


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