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Nothing is known about the history of the mutant known as Fever Pitch, not even his real name. It seems that Fever Pitch's body was somehow incinerated the moment his powers activated.


Fever Pitch was created by Jay Faerber and Terry Dodson and first appeared in Generation X issue 50 (1999).

Major Story Arcs

Gene Nation

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When Fever Pitch first appeared he was alongside the Gene Nation led by the Dark Beast. He was ordered to capture the members of Generation X and successfully captured Chamber and Skin. Fever Pitch revealed a little about his past, namely when his powers first manifested, and he kept comparing himself to Chamber, much to his chagrin. Similar to Chamber he blew off his face when his powers first manifested, and over the years he ran out of skin to burn, leaving only a flaming skeleton. Later X-Man, Emma Frost, and the new student at the the school, Gaia, battled the collected Gene Nation in order to save their teammates and in the ensuing battle X-Man siphoned Fever Pitch's powers, seemingly killing him.


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He later resurfaced in Berlin, where he was fighting Abyss so that he could capture him and sell him to researchers who wanted to dissect him. The fight was interrupted by Avalanche, Blob, and Surge who were working for the X-Corps, and they captured the two men. Once inside of Banshee's facility, Fever Pitch was mind-controlled by the imprisoned Martinique Jason into serving the X-Corps. When it was revealed that Mystique infiltrated the facility as Surge, Fever Pitch joined her group of rebels in a rampage through Paris to show the populace of mutants. Fever Pitch was about to burn down a landmark but was stopped by the arrival of of the X-Men, especially Iceman.

The 198

Fever Pitch kept his powers after M-Day and was a severe national security issue for the government. He lived in the tent city located on the grounds of the Xavier Institute. He was assigned to share a tent with Toad, but he preferred the company of Erg, Sack, and Mammomax. He was one of the mutants who had a tracking chip implanted in their heads, but when the chips' true purpose was revealed, Mr. M took the chip out. During the revolt of the 198, Fever Pitch along with Erg were under the control of Johnny Dee. Under his control, Fever Pitch and Erg launched an attack on the X-Men. He attacked Ice Man and was later attacked by Lockheed. During Apocalypse's attack on the institute he was one of the mutants to side with him rather than be against him. He was one of many mutants to revolt against the O.N.E squad when Domino an Shatterstar tried to capture the relocated mutants at the institute.


Moments before his death
Moments before his death

Fever Pitch died when the Leper Queen's Sapien League kidnapped him, and then injected him with a mutated strand of the Legacy Virus. He was released into a crowd of Friends of Humanity supporters at a rally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His powers flared for one last time, and then he died as he sent out a huge fiery blast, killing all the humans surrounding him.

Powers & Abilities

Fever Pitch's body is composed completely of organic flame. He's also capable of fire bursts and flight.

Other Media

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men

Fever Pitch appears in the episode Greeting From Genosha, here Fever Pitch is reaking havok in Genosha, and confronts Mercury, Mellenchamp and Seamus in a fight. With the three of them defeated by Fever Pitch, Wanda used her powers to create a hose that would turn Fever Pitch's flame off, however, Fever Pitch was able to put himself back on fire. Nightcrawler then tried his best to fight him by using Wanda's scarf to protect his hands from Fever Pitch's heat and punching him over and over again while teleporting. After Fever Pitch was defeated, he was imprisoned in Genosha's cells along with Sauron, Wolfcub and the other mutants who have messed with the Genoshan peacemakers.

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