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    Ferris Air is one of the leading aviation corporations in America specializing in advanced aviation concepts.

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    It employs hundreds of people in the Coast City area. Ferris Air was founded by Carl Ferris and is currently run by his daughter Carol Ferris. Ferris Air was a long time employer of the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. It was a Ferris plane that exploded taking the life of Hal's father, the test pilot Martin Jordan. Hal Jordan was in the middle of a flight simulation when he is whisked away by a dying Abin Sur and given his ring for the first time.

    Following Hal Jordan's death, Ferris Air becomes rundown and the planes are no longer flown. After he returns from the dead Carol reinvests her time in the company to make name Ferris mean something again. Following his being fired from Edwards Air Force base, Carol allows Hal to come back to work for Ferris.

    In Other Media

    The Flash (2014)

    In the pilot episode, the S.T.A.R. Labs team take Barry to a testing facility in Central City to test his speed. It is mentioned that it has been abandoned since the apparent death of a test pilot.

    The location has occasionally appeared since, including in The Flash Reborn, where the team sets up shop at the location to retrieve Barry from the Speed Force.


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