Ferrios the Mechanical Man

    Character » Ferrios the Mechanical Man appears in 2 issues.

    The mechanized cyborg bodyguard and enforcer to Anton Colossi, one of the leaders of the Golden Tree. Follows orders without question.

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    Not much is known about Ferrios, outside of the fact that he serves Anton Colossi, following his orders mercilessly and without question. Was sent to go chase down the fleeing Professor Littlejohn (who had been unknowingly working for the Golden Tree's agendas) through an uncharted portion of a South American jungle. The cybernetic goliath was successful in tracking Littlejohn down, and is responsible for the loss of the man's eye, but before Ferrios could bring him back, Rima the Jungle Girl stepped in and saved him.

    When the Blackhawks began to learn of whom they had been hired by, Colossi sent Ferrios to take care of Wu Cheng, one of said pilots. Despite being well-versed in martial arts, Cheng proved no match for the steel giant who quickly apprehended Wu.

    Ferrios was last seen fighting Doc Savage, a fight he soon lost.

    While he appears to be a completely autonomous "living" robot, Doc Savage isn't so easily fooled. His suspicions were quickly proven correct during his battle with the mechanical monster when he rips the metal faceplate off the creature, revealing a man's face (more or less) underneath, having been surgically combined with this robotic body in some fashion. Savage makes short work of him after this revelation with a hard right hook to the jaw of the "robot".

    Ferrios' remains presumably sank with Anton Colossi.


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