Ferrin Colos

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    Ferrin Colos is a member of the Darkstars.

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    Joining the Darkstars after the destruction of his planet, Ferrin Colos quickly rose through the ranks making a name for himself as one of the best and brightest. Unfortunately, there were more dangers in the depths of space, more than any lone Darkstar could hope to triumph against. Ferrin Colos' peaceful homeworld did not know of space travel or war and were an easy target for Qinoori raiders.

    The Qinoori tore apart the planet Zamba's crust for mineral wealth. The following ecological disaster killed millions before the raiders moved on. A stranger from the stars came to Zamba, the Darkstar Vardan Radz. He offered Ferrin Colos the opportunity to strike back and prevent future destruction on other worlds. Colos eagerly accepted. He would channel his rage into helping others.

    Darkstar Ferrin Colos was stationed on the planet Jenuwyne, where he built a strong reputation. He protected space from the worst the galaxy had to offer, whether against the criminal element or natural disasters. Ferrin Colos' space sector bordered that of Merayn Dethalis, the Darkstar of Bavacqua Seven. A close bond grew between the two Darkstars, first of friendship then of romance. The relationship eventually ended, but Colos still harbored some feelings for her.

    Yet in the end, events far from home would decide the ultimate fate of Colos' world. Though he wielded great power, Darkstar administrator Huvah Jeddigar wished for even more. He wanted to be free of the Controllers. Jeddigar began a search for a reality free of their influence, using NEMO resources to aid him in his quest. He experimented with a dimensional gateway, but did not find the reality he was seeking. In exchange for his safety, Jeddigar offered the entire population of a planet guarded by one of the Darkstars.

    As the protector of Jenuwyne, Colos was its first and only line of defense from a fleet of raiders. Somehow, these raiders blasted through his forcefield, plunging him to the planet below. When Ferrin Colos woke, there was nothing left. The Jenuwynians were gone without a trace. Years later, he would learn he had been betrayed by Huvah Jeddigar. The Darkstar adminstrator had planted a power cut-off switch in the armor of the Darkstars.

    Though Ferrin had failed Jenuwyne, other worlds needed the aid of a Darkstar. For a hundred cycles, the planet Clanadrern was victimized by an alien race known as the Anzdorl. The aliens were not invaders, they came after a comet had passed the planet, wiping out all electrical systems on Clanadrern. Civilization collapsed as the population turned upon itself in war. The Anzadorl came to restore order, but were taking advantage of the people of Clanadrern by feeding on their life forces in exchange for their assistance.

    Darkstar Ferrin Colos heard a distress signal from Clanadrern, sent by one young man who rebelled at the pact between his ancestors and the aliens. Working against the orders of Prigatz, Colos struck at the Anzadorl, an action unheard of by the Clanadrern, but one that made them realize the aliens were not their masters. Ferrin Colos left Clanadrern to allow them to continue the battle and win back their civilization.

    The Controllers expanded the Darkstar project after the collapse of the Green Lantern Corps Central Power Battery on Oa. The Darkstars would fill the void left by the failure of the Guardians' legions.

    Ferrin was one of the last three Darkstars, along with Munchuk and Chaser Bron. After his comrades were killed by Starbreaker, Ferrin became the last of the Darkstars. He decided to syphon off as much energy from Starbreaker as he could, until his suit overloaded and exploded.


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